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Zooming in on cybersecurity-risky users

ForcePoint, a synergy of three different security vendors; Websense, Raytheon and Stonesoft; is offering organisations in Malaysia, a way to prevent data theft and loss from hijacked systems.

Offering optimum protection of data integrity when used together with ForcePoint’s data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, the new solution called SureView Insider Threat (SIT) allows companies to spot risky behaviour and even enables video recording of desktop activity, for further forensic investigation and attribution in law court cases.

Over a million endpoints have this recording capability from ForcePoint.

ForcePoint’s Regional Sales Director, Alex Lim pointed out, “There are other point products out there with this (video recording capability), but they have not matured. Many security startups that focus on user behaviour analytics have also been active in the last 12 months.”

A new market?

SIT works on the premise that data movement and human behaviour offers a more complete protection of data.

DLP traditionally has always offered visibility into web and email content. Lim added, “It can detect if content is encrypted by non-corporate standards, one example of suspicious behaviour. It can also decide what content needs to be encrypted.”

What’s in play with SIT here is enterprise-class Raytheon technology which has only been available in the United States all this time.

It’s a two-phased method: identifying who the risky users are, and then determining how much risk they pose, by baselining their activity against other users, monitoring their usage trend over a period of time as well as their policy violations.

A big market

Insider threats are often overlooked despite them doing more damage.

They go undetected for longer than external threats and negligent users are the number one cause of insider threats which could go undetected for an average 259 days compared to 170 days by external threats.

Ten percent of breaches attributed to insiders are responsible for over half of stolen data, and each data breach could cost an enterprise up to USD3.8 million on average.

And according to research, up to 34-percent of data in an organisation is still extremely vulnerable.

For this region specifically Lim observed, “We do see more and more companies getting cautious about their data.”

He also added that Malaysia is one of the advanced countries in terms of adopting cybersecurity products.

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