WorldStream Partners with Arista, Develops Elastic Network

WorldStream, a fast-growing provider of security-focused Infrastructure-as-a-Service hosting solutions with more than 15,000 dedicated servers installed in its company-owned data centers in the Netherlands, announces a strategic technology partnership with Arista Networks.

Arista’s hardware allows WorldStream’s engineering teams to uniquely design its virtualized, elastic network on top of the WorldStream global network backbone (>10Tbps of bandwidth available). The new technology platform will be called WorldStream Elastic Network and is expected to be officially launched in Q1 2020.

The new software-defined global network now being developed by WorldStream’s engineering teams builds on the EVPN (Ethernet Virtual Private Network) VXLAN (Virtual Extensible LAN) technology delivered by Arista Networks.The unique design of this in-house engineered WorldStream Elastic Network (WEN) is intended to bring the company’s global client base ultimate flexibility and tons of added functionality with regard to their hybrid IT infrastructure deployments and data center resource allocation.

The in-house engineered software-defined architecture will add an elastic network platform on top of WordStream’s existing global network backbone. Crucial elements in the design, according to WorldStream, will include the custom development of the SDN controller – which will act as ‘the brain’ of the software-defined network, as well as the interconnectivity with WorldStream’s high-volume global backbone. When completed, it will allow organizations globally to extend the robust bandwidth and latency benefits of this high-volume, 10Tbps network.

Once ready, the WorldStream Elastic Network will provide organizations worldwide with a high level of control over comprehensive data center, network and cybersecurity features locally at the edges of the WorldStream network backbone. It will offer them complete flexibility over how they architect and securely scale their interconnected, hybrid IT solutions. WorldStream’s R&D department, that was recently more than doubled in size, expects the custom design of the new network to be ready before year-end, Q1 2020 at the latest.