World AI Show to Make Virtual Comeback This Year

Due to the ongoing circumstances worldwide regarding Covid-19 and the constant uncertainty surrounding many things, Trescon, organizer of World AI Show has announced the virtual edition of World AI Show – Jakarta 2020. The summit will host global AI thought leaders who will be taking the centre stage. The virtual conference is taking place on 9 July 2020.

Supported by the KEMKOMINFO (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of Indonesia) and Jakarta Smart City, World AI Show will feature expert keynotes, private networking sessions, secure audio-visual meetings, investor connects & private meetings designed specifically to help meaningful interactions. The conference will use state-of-the-art technology to ensure sponsors are able to quickly chat and connect with potential investors and clients. Attendees will be able to communicate instantly with solution providers, download brochures and discuss proposals and projects via secure audio-visual chat rooms.

Indonesia’s Biggest Confluence of Tech, Partnerships and Go-to-market Strategies Eager to keep the momentum from its previous editions, World AI Show has put together a speaker line up like no other, giving attendees the opportunity to hear directly from government dignitaries like Dr Ir Hannan Riza, President, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) Government, Indonesia, Setaji, West Java ICT Agency, Jakarta Provincial Government, Indonesia, Dr Nyoman Adhiarna, Director of Digital Economy, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (KEMKOMINFO) Indonesia and more.

World AI Show – Jakarta 2020 will cover several important topics including – Leveraging Digital Transformation through Indonesia’s AI National Strategy – Dr Hammam Riza, AI and Public Sector, The role of AI in a Post-Pandemic World, Coronavirus Outbreak: How Cloud Technologies, AI, Ml are helping us deal with the pandemic, Leveraging RPA to boost Digital Transformation, Enterprise AI, overcome organizational challenges in the wake of Covid- 19 and many more.

The 16th edition of World AI Show – Jakarta 2020 is designed to maximize networking opportunities while simultaneously offering hours of high-quality content streamed straight to your screen.