WEBINAR: Redefine Branch Office IT and Accelerate Remote Office Deployment

Presented by Chris DeHoust, Sales Engineer Manager, Silver Peak and Chris Christian, Enterprise Product Group, Dell

With applications progressively moving to the cloud, branch offices are challenged with connectivity issues and performance problems.  Today’s IT environments still depend on MPLS as the backbone of the WAN; yet MPLS was not designed for today’s infrastructure. Add to this a highly distributed networking and services environment, and you have the recipe for an inefficient branch.

This results in high costs, reduced time-to-market and the need for more onsite IT resources. Until now. Two industry leaders – Dell and Silver Peak Systems – have partnered to deliver a solution that solves this challenge.

The combination of a Dell PowerEdge VRTX converging the branch’s network and a Silver Peak Software Defined WAN accelerating time to market with broadband connectivity rather than inflexible MPLS, organizations can finally experience the consolidated, easy to use, high performance network they require to be competitive.

Join this webinar to learn how the Dell and Silver Peak joint solution can:

oLower WAN OPEX by up to 90% through leveraging broadband vs MPLS

oEnable fast remote office deployment within days, not months

oEasily deploy integrated servers, storage and networking at the branch

oRapidly and securely connect users to any application while eliminating latency

oReduce RPOs by speeding up replication & backups

oEnhance visibility to enterprise and SaaS applications

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