Webinar: Not all SD-WANs are equal: Performance matters

The use of broadband Internet connections in SD-WAN environment has many benefits, however for any enterprise, performance and reliability cannot be compromised. An SD-WAN solution must include all the functionality needed to meet these essential requirements that deliver outstanding performance and Quality of Service by:

  • Actually improving the quality of the bandwidth you already have, instead of routing around it
  • Enabling centralized control and administration of network-wide policies
  • Providing detailed visibility into real-time and historical application and network trends
  • Allowing for the modular deployment of WAN optimization to ensure performance when you need it, where you need it

This all adds up to an enterprise-grade, performance-centric offering that allows your SD-WAN to rapidly connect users to the applications they need. Deployment times are reduced significantly and enterprises enjoy enhanced performance, visibility and control over the entire network.

View the webinar at this link.



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