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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/pWbT5KO7oT0″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”appear”] The official launch of webe as TM Group’s Centre of Excellence for mobility was greeted with great fanfare. They sure knew how to rouse a crowd. The support drawn from across its employees to consumers, is palpable. From webe to Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) staff…. they waved little “jalur gemilang” flags, punctuating speeches with shouts of encouragement and appreciation.

If this is webe spirit, we want in. From the lively banter of the emcee to the rousing drum performance, this seems to encapsulate the essence of webe. “We have arrived!” and “we will rock this space” sums it all up. This is a culmination of a journey embarked upon two years ago.

The space we are talking about is the digital mobility space. “We call ourselves a “digital mobility services provider, not a telco,” announced webe CEO, Encik Azizi A. Hadi, in his opening speech. Azizi took on this position from 1st August 2016. He replaced Mr. CC Puan, who had held the position, since 2013. CC Puan remains in the company as a non-executive director at webe (a reincarnation of Packet One Networks Malaysia).

“We see ourselves as fundamentally different. A telco will sell you a mobile service plan that is all about quota, bandwidth, speeds and coverage and try to get you to upgrade to the next best package. For us, mobility and ‘being digital’ is all about embracing new behaviors. We dream big. So we went to the drawing board and ask ourselves – what do people use their mobile internet connection for?

What we found out was that once you have a fast enough connection and reliability, the question wasn’t to get more speed – but to do more with the internet connection you have. This gave us an insight that Malaysians want to connect with each other and collaborate to make their dreams come true.

Hence, we came up with our brand philosophy – ‘Start here. Go Anywhere’; which exemplifies the diversity of ways communities can come together to make things happen. Our webe community which was launched last April, empowers individual groups and members of the local community to band together in materializing their dreams, for the betterment of the society in general.”

How so? Well, one of the ways is through crowdbacking of projects. The more support shared by the webe community for a particular project, the more likely that project will get “unlocked” and funds will be released by TM to carry through that project. Through this digital platform, Malaysians can go online & support worthy causes that range from education, to health, to even improving the lives of the less fortunate. A case in point is the #webeatdengue project which received over 50,000 pledges by Malaysians.

Back to the crunch. So it is that webe’s mobile plan is simple. One plan with worry-free data, worry-free voice calls and worry-free SMS. Loyal TM or webe (previously P1) customers pay only RM79/month for the primary line (after big rebates) for webe 4G LTE with Unlimited Calls, SMS and Internet data. Discounts are given for supplementary lines. Purchasing a service plan is simple. Just register on webe’s website and your SIM will be delivered the next day. There is even no binding contract on the user, thus ensuring a “friction-free” relationship.

If webe’s promise holds true and there is nationwide seamless coverage from the start, then why wouldn’t a customer continue this relationship?

“Watch movies everywhere, talk all day, or connect to social media all day long. Try out that new livestreaming app. Work from anywhere. Use services and stay connected all day. Do you really enjoy streaming a TV show if you’re worried about busting your data cap with 10 days left to go?” Azizi reasoned. “We think it’s like how you can easily surf as much as you want on UniFi at home, and then as you step outside, you can do the same with webe.”

Who wouldn’t want ‘in’? Apparently, the general public has to wait just that bit longer. Azizi indicated that by Quarter 4 2016, an announcement will be ready for their inclusion. While these target individuals, Azizi hinted that service offerings for enterprises may also be in the works.

To cap it all, Tan Sri Dato’ Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa, Group CEO of TM expounded, “TM has always prided itself as a strategic partner in nation-building. With that in mind, we believe that we can play an integral role in facilitating the country’s readiness as we usher in the fourth industry revolution, aptly known as Industry 4.0. With our vast array of products and services cutting across varied market segments, I am proud to say that now, with mobility solutions led by webe, TM is even more poised to carry out this responsibility. webe adds value to the TM Group and reinforces its position as Malaysia’s Convergence Champion.”

Being the 6th entrant, one thing is for sure, webe must certainly pull out all the stops!

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