VMware CIO Forum 2019: The Four Super Powers of Tech

VMware CIO Forum 2019 in Singapore kicked off with CEO, Pat Gelsinger, going into why Cloud, Mobile, AI/ML and IoT/Edge, are the Four Superpowers of Tech.

Commenting about early ideas about artificial intelligence (AI) as far back as 1986, he said that most great technologies take 30 years to gestate and truly impact the world.

“These are the four super powers of technology which I believe are driving everything about the industry today,” Gelsinger said.

“Our job is to help our customers get on the right side of these super powers. Because if you are fighting these super powers, you could be doing a great job running your business, and still fail.

But, if you are on the right side, they are lifting and accelerating your business. So, we see our job is helping you be on the right side, so that your business, your technologies, your strategies, are being accelerated forward by some of the fastest powers that exist on the planet.”

The other interesting thing he also pointed out is that each of these technologies are accelerating each other.

Watch the video here!