Chris Lin, Veritas Technologies Senior VP, Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan explaining the company’s capabilities at the Vision Executive Forum, held in Bali, Indonesia

Veritas’ Platform delivers on Availability, Protection and Insights

Top regional executives and customers of Veritas Technologies, a global leader in enterprise data protection, converged in Bali recently for Veritas’ Vision Executive Forum 2019. This forum is part of a series of twenty odd events held globally for Veritas to showcase its latest comprehensive data management best practices and technologies. No message came through with more clarity during this forum than Veritas’ leadership in the area of API – namely availability, protection and insights – their take on the acronym, delivered via their Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP).

Chris Lin, Veritas Technologies Senior VP, Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan explaining the company’s capabilities at the Vision Executive Forum, held in Bali, Indonesia

“Veritas is the king of data protection”, said Chris Lin, Senior VP, Sales, Veritas Asia Pacific & Japan empathetically.

According to IDC, data is projected to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025 with new applications like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things driving soaring volumes of data and decentralisation of IT infrastructure. Additionally, data governance regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are intensifying complex data protection and storage challenges for customers.

Thus, businesses have to deal with data that is spread across core data centres, from the cloud to the edge. To add to the complexity, organisations have to contend with new cyber threats that aim to expose data for financial gain yet achieve compliance with more and more data regulations in place. In fact, Lin revealed that ransomware is a US$33 billion industry and merely 50% of affected companies actually recover their data after paying ransom. Hence, organisations must always have an immutable copy of data that is good to go, good to be restored, unencumbered by ransomware demands.

Why must protecting data be top of priority?

John Abel, Senior VP & CIO of Veritas Technologies opined that CIOs are influencers of CEOs in today’s corporations. CIOs’ roles in moving this agenda up is well-justified because otherwise, sitting on and not making use of data is akin to sitting on the veritable pot of gold. You don’t want to lose it!

Companies that use big data to drive its business models such as the behemoth Amazon, Apple, Netflix, etc. gather data to gain invaluable insights into real-time consumer preferences and behaviour. Data provides the insights to pivot these companies into a business model driven by “The Experience Economy”.

New software-defined storage innovations from Veritas enable and optimise machine learning intelligence to help their customers similarly, gain insights into the data they have through deeper levels of classification, indexing and analytics. Indeed, data management is proving to be more than just backing up data on premises or to the cloud. In today’s multi-cloud multi-environment world, infrastructure complexity is damaging IT’s ability to meet the demands of enterprises without the right tool in the enterprise’s arsenal to manage that.

In answer to that, Lin said, “It is the ultimate goal of Veritas Vision Executive Forum to empower customers to abstract IT complexity across physical, virtual or cloud platforms so that they can focus on their desired business outcomes. Today, customers simply need applications to be available 24/7 across all physical, virtual or cloud environments, data to always be protected and recoverable while having insights to act on them – while achieving cost optimisation and regulatory compliance.”

Veritas’ suite of solutions, from InfoScale, NetBackup to Enterprise Vault, among others, aim to precisely do that – by abstracting the complexity away. How nice would it be if user interfaces of Veritas’ solutions are as simple and elegant as an iPhone interface, a promise Veritas aims to make good at.