Veritas Malaysia sees growth in the cards

Veritas Technologies (Veritas) recently held their first ever media briefing in Malaysia, after being spun off from Symantec and then acquired by established asset management company, The Carlyle Group.

Veritas Malaysia Country Director Josephine Hoh said, “Being private and independent now, makes us nimble in terms of decision making, allowing us to address immediate market needs, which I think is very crucial.

“We are committed to coming up with the most innovative solutions and most nimble processes with a strong team to support (customers’) businesses.”

Some of the big aggressive strides that the information management company is taking in Malaysia for example, is a renewed partner programme that Hoh said is more effective at enabling their partners be productive and profitable.

The opportunity in Malaysia

A study by Gartner shows that of all the countries in the Asia Pacific region, Malaysia’s rate of IT spending in 2016, is forecasted to be nine-percent. This IT spending comprises of software, services and also data centre segments.

This positive growth also contributes to Veritas’ optimistic expectation of double-digit growth this year

Veritas CEO Bill Coleman said, “In the era of the cloud, many organisations won’t own their data centre and many might not even own their applications. Other than your team, data is the most critical asset of value in the 21st century. “We’re in a unique position as the company that manages and protects the world’s information.”

Line-up of offerings

Sixty-nine percent of data collected by organisations have no value when it comes to the business or legal value. Clearly, there is need for data management to be more efficient and reduce cost

According to Veritas, information should work for the business, working on the tenet that data is not the same as information, infrastructure availability isn’t the same as app availability and moving data is not moving information.

Director of Technical Sales and Services in ASEAN, Vic Cienca commented about the spin off from Symantec, “(Now, we are) separated and more focused to offer core solutions and expand on them.”

Indeed, Veritas’ strength has always been in backup, storage management, business continuity, archiving and discovery which they offer via integrated appliances, software and the cloud.

Cienca admitted that a lot of work is being done to expand their foundational portfolio, as well as to offer solutions that Veritas views as new opportunities – next-generation availability and next-generation insights solutions.

Especially their next-generation solutions will be offered as joint solutions with other tech vendors like HP, Netapp, Hitachi Data Systems and more, or in a collaborative go-to-market way with cloud providers HP Helion, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure or global system integrators like Fujitsu, Tech Mahindra and so on.

Cienca enthused, “We don’t openly share our next-generation opportunities or roadmaps, but this is exciting.”

Growth in the cards

Basically, Veritas claimed to being ready to manage data from physical to virtual environments across clouds, no matter which cloud, no matter which hypervisor, with just Veritas’ foundational solutions.

Best of all, is the Carlyle Group’s financial partnerships that Veritas’ can leverage upon to maintain and build upon their customer base.

“We have coverage of executive leaderships around the globe,” Hoh said, adding that the Veritas brand is iconic, having been around for many years, and that 80-percent of their solutions are fast-growing in critical market segments like banking and telco.








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