VeeamON 2017: Backup and recovery products to make you Don’t #WannaCry

During VeeamON’s Availability conference only two years ago, panel discussions saw customers sharing about their emphasis on the cloud, and then-CEO Ratmir Timashev expressing that there should be easier workflow between public clouds and private clouds.

There was a lot of talk about data protection in the cloud with backup and recovery capabilities, and Veeam Software’s solutions looked very much like separate point products that simply worked very well.

Two years later at VeeamON 2017, the narrative has gone beyond just backup and recovery.

This year there is a much-expanded suite including an Availability Platform for clouds, and a wider context messaging about business continuity and why it is so important – it powers a seamless digital life experience for end users who want instant gratification when they fire up their Uber, Airbnb, Instagram and Facebook applications.

Business continuity has reached a whole new level. It all boils down to availability of services for businesses and consumers, and really, the whole world-at-large.

A new platform

The Veeam Availability Platform consists of the Veeam Availability Suite, Veeam agents, Veeam backup for Microsoft Office 365, Veeam Availability Console and the Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO) which is currently in beta release.

Now, besides offering protection of data on-premises, there is protection of virtualised environments, and services for any systems be it physical, virtual or on the cloud.

Besides availability of services, this platform also enables digital transformation agility.

Current co-CEO Peter McKay had said, “Decoupling services from the cloud or infrastructure has a lot of potential… you are able to put it where it is most aligned with the business goal.

“Being able to move workloads across environments, on a model that is best suited for them… it’s why we work with so many partners… they all have value to bring.”

The third element that a platform approach brings is analytics and visibility. “There is need to be able to see everything holistically and across siloes, to know I have the right services in place and are delivering and executing at the pace I need to,” McKay explained.

During the three-day conference in New Orleans, Veeam Software made a range of product announcements. On the last day, Veeam showcased the new products that come from their long-standing alliance with Microsoft Azure.


(This journalist is a guest of Veeam Software’s to their Availability Conference in New Orleans)

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