Veeam: Hitting the Billion-dollar Mark

(Pic: Ratmir in neon sneakers on stage during VeeamON 2019 in Miami)

Veeam Software, a privately held global leader in intelligent cloud data management, backup and recovery solutions held their annual VeeamON global conference in Miami just last week.

This time around, the company announced a vision come true – hitting US$1 billion in sales over the last 12 months – putting it among the crème of the crop with the top 34 pure software companies in the world registering above US$1 billion in sales.

The Veeam global ecosystem includes 60,000 channel partners, with Cisco, HPE, Lenovo and NetApp being exclusive resellers. At the last count, there were around 350,000 customers worldwide, including 82% of the Fortune 500 and 66% of the Global 2000.

Here is an adapted transcript of Veeam’s co-founder and Executive Vice President (EVP), Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Ratmir Timashev’s address at VeeamON 2019.

 “At VeeamON 2019, we hosted over 2,000 customers, partners and industry experts as part of Veeam’s transition to the next stage of its evolution.

 What do I mean by that? Back in 2006, we created the VMware backup market and have been #1 for the last decade. Our success has been down to our loyal network of partners and customers, and I was delighted to announce this week that we have exceeded US$1 billion in annual bookings and surpassed 350,000 global customers. An immense achievement, but that was Veeam’s Act I.

 It is fitting therefore, that we turn the final page of Act I and open the first of Act II in the land of the free. As one of its founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, said:

 “Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success.”

 Act II is about acceleration, but it’s also about adaptation. It’s about accelerating our leadership by adapting to the needs of the modern digital business. And by that, I mean Cloud Data Management. I am delighted to be sharing our vision and strategy for Cloud Data Management as follows.

 A powerful partnership with powerful partners

 Backup remains a cornerstone of Cloud Data Management, but customers are now building hybrid clouds with AWS, Azure, IBM and Google. They need more than just backup. To succeed in this changing environment, we will draw on our 60,000+ channel and service provider partners. Veeam’s partner-centric strategy has been the cornerstone of our success and combined with our ability to adapt to market evolution, is the foundation of Act II.

 With the broadest ecosystem of technology partners including Cisco, HPE, NetApp, Nutanix and Pure Storage, Veeam is well positioned to dominate in Cloud Data Management market as we have in backup. This is why at VeeamON 2019 we announced the with Veeam™ program. This new initiative enables partnerships with premier enterprise storage and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) vendors to provide customers with comprehensive secondary storage solutions. It’s a win-win for customers.

 Leading the journey to Cloud Data Management

 Here, in beautiful Miami, we also announced the second iteration of Veeam Availability Orchestrator expanding its powerful orchestration and automation capabilities to a broader set of applications. Organisations have never been as dependent on their data as they are today, and Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2 ensures that this data is always available.”

How better this year than last?

In January 2019, Veeam launched Veeam Availability Suite™ 9.5 Update 4, which delivers new major capabilities that provide easy cloud migration and cloud mobility, cloud-native backup, cost-effective data retention and portable cloud-ready licensing.

As stated above, during VeeamON2019, the company also announced the new with VeeamTM program which sees Veeam partnering with premier enterprise storage and hyperconverged (HCI) vendors to deliver unified solutions providing expanded options for customers. This combines Veeam software with industry-leading storage and HCI infrastructure hardware and management stacks.

Simply put, the “with Veeam” program aims to provide broader and deeper integration points for partners to easily and rapidly deliver not just primary but also secondary storage solutions as a unified full-stack that is easy-to-procure, -size, -deploy and –manage. This provides customers with options for their data-protection needs, for example, Nutanix announced Nutanix Mine with Veeam a couple of weeks ago, and ExaGrid announced ExaGrid Backup with Veeam in April.

Availability solutions

As for Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2, Danny Allan, Vice President of Product Strategy at Veeam, elaborates, “Our new version of Veeam Availability Orchestrator eliminates the challenges of manual processes by introducing reliable orchestrated recovery of production VMs, whether they’re protected by backups or replicas. This also includes the ability to quickly and efficiently leverage protection data to prove recoverability and compliance, whether standards are imposed internally or by governing regulations like HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and more.”

With this new version of Veeam Availability Orchestrator, Veeam has democratised DR by enabling organisations of all sizes to achieve comprehensive and compliant DR for all their applications and data, no matter how they’ve been protected.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2 now includes the ability to:

  • More easily prove — and proactively remediate where necessary — service level agreement (SLA) attainment for internal and external compliance regulations and audits with enhanced reporting and compliance capabilities.
  • Automatically leverage both backup and replica protection data for use cases beyond recovery verification, such as DevOps, patch and upgrade testing, analytics and more.
  • Empower business units, application owners and operations teams with their own secure access to orchestration planning and testing resources through advanced delegation and role-based access control (RBAC).

Approximately 80 percent of businesses experienced an incident during the past two years that required use of an IT DR plan. It is imperative that organisations protect and prepare themselves to overcome and restore any critical outage in minutes, as Veeam customer research reveals that downtime (think, ransomware) of just a single mission-critical application costs an organisation more than US$102,000 per hour on average.

Nancy Giordano, Strategic Futurist, Corporate Strategist, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Austin Curator, TEDx highlighting the colossal amounts of data we generate and the need to protect and recover any critical loss of data

With data generation in the region of quintillion bytes necessitating migration of data to the Cloud, Veeam’s ability to capture and lead in Cloud Data Management — a market that will be worth more than US$15 billion by 2020, as estimated by Gartner and IDC – will ensure it is no “1-hit wonder” but will pull in sales with continuous trajectory above US$1 billion annually.


(This journalist was a guest of Veeam’s to their annual global conference VeeamON in Miami, Florida.)