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Update: Global machine manufacturers alliance

Industrial IoT or IIoT can be an expensive and arduous endeavour that deters manufacturers.

A survey done in 2017 revealed only 16-percent respondents have a comprehensive IIoT roadmap. Forty-five percent of decision makers have no IoT strategy at all.

To add salt to the injury, IoT and the technologies and solutions revolving around it, belong in the IT domain. This is a domain that operational technologies from the manufacturer world has no business being in, maybe just a decade ago.

This is slowly changing with what many industry experts and observers like to call the convergence of IT and OT. They see that these two worlds must merge because OT is mysterious and complex to all but few.

IT and digitisation that comes with it, can make it transparent and more predictable with sensors, IoT, analytics and so on.

So, the ADAMOS platform, Software AG’s joint collaboration with international machine manufacturers was born. With this platform, the manufacturing industry can quickly start their own IIOT initiative without a steep learning curve.

More importantly, they can do so without forgetting to innovate.

ADAMOS almost 2 years later

Software AG’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Daniel Overos said, “Digital transformation is unique and important. All manufacturers agree that digital products will become key differentiators as the time to innovation reduces.”

But the mindset also tends to be that software is something that is given away from free when you sell the hardware. For a software company like Software AG, this has to change.

Hence, ADAMOS was born because Software AG’s CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich recognised Germany’s industrial, engineering and manufacturing heritage as a huge leverage that Silicon Valley does not and never ever will possess.

Before it took 6 months to create a product, but currently that time has reduced to two.

Some of these digital products include digital twin factory, Detect and Act, Log Alert, Zipee, 1-Click Order, World Of Requests, Digital Workpiece and more.

All of these can be found on Adamos App Factory, and are jointly developed by Adamos’ network of partners.

This network comprises of machine manufacturers, plant engineers, integration partners, software companies and service providers.

This environment encourages cross-company and inter-disciplinary innovation.

Putting it all together

Businesses prize agility, and most times IT departments struggle to keep up with their demand for more, whilst still maintaining consistency and predictability.

Now IT solution alternatives are just a Google search away, and business users are not going to care whether it integrates with enterprise systems at the backend.

In other words, nine out of 10 times, productivity is going to win over ease-of-integration.

Overos proposes that IT should empower business users rather than rule with an iron fist.

He said, “Software AG wants to be enabler for IT in this new business,” and proposed democratisation is possible with integration.