Time after time – network innovation is thumbs up for seamless agility

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Enterprise IT News sends in questions to TIME dotcom to discover how enterprises can win with their digital transformation initiatives.

EITN: The business and market dynamics are everchanging. How can enterprises accelerate new digital technologies, upskill their teams’ capabilities and expand their digital architecture?

TIME dotcom: As of July 2022, Malaysia recorded an 93.8% Internet penetration rate, one of the highest among other Asian countries.

However, according to The World Bank’s Digital Adoption Index, Malaysian businesses lag far behind their peers in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines when it comes to digital adoption.

To change this, there are a few digitalisation strategies to consider to help businesses improve customer experience through product innovation, remain relevant, agile and productive in a highly competitive market, and promote better collaboration.

This includes a well-executed cloud strategy that can help enterprises transform digitally, achieve competitive advantage and ensure agility, and a manageable total cost of ownership.

Connectivity is the backbone to facilitate effective collaboration and ensure flexibility, performance, and availability for cloud adoption.

Lastly, a resilient digital transformation can only be achieved when it has a foundation of cybersecurity beneath it.

EITN: Enterprises constantly need to adapt the way they deliver value to meet customers’ demands that rapidly changes the market. What should be the centre of their digitalisation efforts?

TIME dotcom: In this era of digital evolution, businesses need to keep up the pace if they want to remain competitive of exponentially growing technologies (e.g. smart services, IoT, advanced analytics and data intelligence).

Digital transformation implies the exploration of evolving technologies, systems, networks, and platforms so that businesses can optimise the way they operate. To do so, it is important for enterprises to invest in both core and emerging technologies to build a digital ecosystem skewed for each business goal.

To deploy the most efficient technology for digital transformation, businesses should have enough highly skilled IT resources at hand who are able to learn and invent new processes and technologies, and understand how to get the most out of them.

Outsourcing IT functions to an IT managed service provider with the required technical expertise, and past experience and knowledge is the way to go. Businesses can access specialists In both mature and new technologies. This way, organisations will be able to focus on essential aspects of their business.

EITN: What expertise does Time offer that can benefit enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives?

TIME dotcom: At Time, we understand that building an ecosystem and finding the right balance of technology, solutions and services can be complex for any enterprises embarking on or accelerating its digitalisation journey.

Building different parts of the ecosystem can also be timely and costly, therefore it would make more sense to partner with a service provider that can offer an ecosystem of essential solutions and services.

With years of experience and an abundance of technical expertise, Time is able to assist enterprises in customising a combination of products and services that suits their business’ needs to enable digital transformation.

Built on an end-to-end ecosystem with cybersecurity instilled in it to ensure digital resiliency for enterprises regardless of industry and size, Time’s 3Cs of Digitalisation is a strategy that combines integration of technology-related assets to give enterprises an advantage to operate more efficiently and astutely in the long run.

Regardless of digitalisation goals, the 3Cs ecosystem is expected to enable a successful digital transformation and drive businesses forward across the spectrum from Cloud, Connectivity to Cybersecurity.

EITN: How can Time’s cloud solution help enterprises transform digitally, achieve competitive advantage and ensure agility?

TIME dotcom: Time can help enterprises evaluate which services are the most efficient for deploying applications, ensuring they are selecting the best combination of clouds to meet business requirements.

Time Cloud Suite is backed by our Openstack and VMware hyperscale cloud platforms so you can build applications and workloads with greater speed and flexibility.

Certified as compliant to international information security, quality management system and data security standards, our borderless cloud offerings provide businesses with a reliable and secure environment for successful cloud deployment.

Time Cloud Suite Is hosted in Malaysian data centres, ensuring compliance with local data privacy and security laws, and governance structures. This protects customer’s data by controlling who can potentially have access, keeping any sensitive data out of the hands of other countries and jurisdiction.

Time has also invested in network infrastructure that allows businesses to have direct and dedicated connections to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, currently making Time the only service provider to partner with the four biggest cloud platforms globally.

Skilled and certified engineers are also on hand 24/7 to give enterprises technical support and manage their cloud so they can focus on their core business.

Currently, Time offers direct access to major global cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. Enterprises have the option to easily deploy any cloud strategies ranging from hybrid cloud, business continuity strategies to multicloud solutions with ease and confidence.

Contributed by strategic alliances with cybersecurity specialists such as Fortinet and IBM, businesses’ move to the cloud will not be jeopardised thanks to Time’s robust cybersecurity capabilities that’s able to identify and cohesively respond to threats during digital transition.

EITN: How can enterprises benefit from Time’s network innovation to drive seamless digitalisation?

TIME dotcom: Time is the first service provider in Southeast Asia to be triple-certified for MEF 3.0 – the world’s authority for standardised network service, and has the only NRA audited network infrastructure in Malaysia.

This assures businesses that we can provide the highest level of network performance and assurance to facilitate a successful digital transformation.

Backed by an up-to-date cybersecurity strategy, Time’s Converged Network ensures that enterprises can benefit from a secure network to drive seamless digitalisation and ensure business continuity for organisations and their customers.

Backed by Malaysia’s first ever horizontal network function virtualisation infrastructure (NFVi), Time’s network can swiftly and efficiently expand and scale in response to incoming traffic and resource requirements. Software updated infrastructure will replace physical appliance upgrades as network demand constantly evolves. This ensures greater flexibility and dynamism for businesses to innovate.

Time has also invested in network infrastructure that allows businesses to have direct and dedicated connections to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, currently making Time the only service provider to partner with the four biggest cloud platforms globally.

This ensures secured data transmission, stable and uninterrupted connectivity, and a minimised risk of data breaches.