TIBCO and Taiwan’s Yuan Ze University Further Enhance Collaboration with Launch of Analytics Center

TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, announced an enhanced collaboration with Yuan Ze University in Taiwan with the launch of the YZU – TIBCO Analytics Center.

The new Analytics Center will enable TIBCO and Yuan Ze University to educate working adults on data analytics for IoT applications in a more visual manner. The objective is to equip them with key data analysis skills essential for their careers.

This is the second phase of the collaboration, which is focused on the working executives who are keen to continue learning new skills to equip themselves with the right data analytic skill sets in high-tech manufacturing. It will also include a Data Visualization and Analytics for Business Intelligence programme, which is a three-day course on how to turn data into insightful information. Yuan Ze University will use TIBCO Spotfire® in its teaching and demonstration efforts, educating working adults on how to use connected intelligence insights for business decisions.

“Taiwan is well-positioned to become a leader in Industry 4.0 development and implementation. With government initiatives spanning IoT and data analytics in industries like manufacturing, the nation is proving its readiness to take a primary role in industrial innovation. As a leader fuelling digital businesses, we take pride in training and empowering the next generation in the data analytics space,” said Erich Gerber, senior vice president, APJ and EMEA, TIBCO. “Participants will be able to get hands-on learning through this special course. With Yuan Ze University, we believe that augmenting students’ capabilities and skillsets with a combination of leading intelligent, connected solutions will be a powerful contribution to the nation’s developing digital ecosystem.”

TIBCO Spotfire will be used in six sections of the Data Visualization and Analytics for Business Intelligence course, which will highlight key fundamentals of visual analytics, allowing participants to get started by building highly interactive visualisations. The course will present diverse charting options and data connectivity,  in addition to covering predictive analytics with the use of different models.

“As the integration of intelligent technologies evolves in Industry 4.0, Taiwan is poised to become one of the key global players. Companies continue to prioritise advanced analytics in their investment decisions, making it important for them to have a highly educated, high-tech workforce to fully reap the benefits and contribute to the nation’s economy,” said Su, Chuan-Jun, professor and director, Smart Production and Innovative Management Research Center, Yuan Ze University. “With the launch of the new YZU – TIBCO Analytics Center as well as the Data Visualization and Analytics for Business Intelligence course, we believe our collaboration with TIBCO will reinforce the relevance of our education programme for working adults, providing them with the critical digital skills needed in today’s digital world.”

In addition to the collaboration with Yuan Ze University, TIBCO has been working with numerous universities across Asia, equipping students with the relevant skill sets to cater to the growing need for data analysts. To learn more about TIBCO’s industry and higher education collaborations, please visit www.tibco.com.