The Watchguard Virtualised Defense Against Porous Networks

Watchguard Technologies has announced its plan to lead the global virtual security market. What they have to offer is an entire new lineup of content and network security products as virtualised solutions.  

Already known for their UTM solutions that offer NGFW,IPS, perimeter antivirus and more security functions via one management interface, it’s range of Extensible Threat Management (XTM) and Extensible Content Security (XCS)boxes now enter the virtual realm.


Joe Wang, CEO of Watchguard admitted, “Providing security in a virtualised environment – an environment that by definition changes as business requires – is a difficult proposition.


“Many security vendors have chosen to build their solutions around proprietary technologies, often requiring customised hardware such as custom ASICs.”


He observed that these often cannot scale into a virtualised environment where the perimeter that is to be protected, shifts and changes as business needs change. “By providing our best-in-class solution on open, standards-based solutions, Watchguard has provided technology that scales easily into a virtualised environment.”


Watchguard’s UTM hardware appliances are already known for adopting a best-of-breed approach. Wang explained, “For example, we partner with AVG for anti-virus technologies, which has been in the market for over 10 years, rather than developing it in-house. Likewise, for web filtering, we partner with Websense because it is the most proven technology in the market.”


Now with a virtualised version in the XTMv, Watchguard is able to address the multi-tenancy needs of managed service providers with its ability to be supported on a single vSphere hypervisor; multiple instances of the XTMv series can run on it. The XTMv is also able to implement security policies between applications, user communities or tenants because of its ability to manage data traffic within and between the virtual machines.


There are four editions of the Watchguard XTMv that aim to meet the requirements of small, midsize and large-scale distributed environments – small office, medium office, large office and the data centre. They would offer the same type of high security offered by XTM boxes including application control, reputation-enabled defense, IPS, gateway antivirus, Web blocking, traffic shaping and more.


Like the XTMv range, the virtualised version of Watchguard’s content security boxes, XCSv, has four versions that offer the same level (and flexibility) of security for Web, DLP, email and messaging, as well as advanced anti-spam, zero-hour threat outbreak response and malware protection.







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