The National Digital ID Strengthen Trust For Online Applications and Digital Identity

The Government is pleased to announced  that the National Digital Identity (National Digital ID) initiative has been approved by the Cabinet. The National Digital ID is an effort by the Government to enable Malaysians to be confident in embracing the rise of digital economy activities. The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia will spearhead the initiative, while a detailed study on the implementation model will be carried out by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

As a first step, a comprehensive study will be conducted from September 2019, for a period of nine (9) months. This study will identify the holistic National Digital ID framework and will propose recommendations to the Government on appropriate implementation models that meet the needs of the people, businesses and the nation. It will also take into account Malaysia’s unique context including the existing MyKad and private infrastructure, current factors, as well as identifying new policies.

This study will involve the Government, private and academic collaboration. It is hoped that coordinated research and efforts among the key stakeholders from all sectors, industries and the public will provide a better mechanism for the implementation of the National Digital ID in Malaysia.

The technological advancements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 have led the people to move towards digital. Malaysia follows suit of other countries in the region in spearheading the development of a National Digital ID platform, which enable users to transact in a safe and seamless manner.

The National Digital ID is not a substitute to the existing National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), or compulsory for everyone. It is an advance method of authenticating a user’s identity online. Whether it is a user setting up an account for the first time, logging in to obtain Government service or do business or making a digital payment, National Digital ID enables the digital service providers to make highly accurate trust decisions in real time.

Malaysia’s existing infrastructure has laid the foundation for the development of National Digital ID and that is an advantage as it paves the way for a potential leapfrog upon the completion of the study in mid-2020.

The implementation of the National Digital ID is expected to bring benefits to individuals as well as businesses. It will be convenient for the Rakyat as they no longer have to remember different usernames and passwords for various services or carry multiple tokens to transact digitally. With omni channel access, transactions can be made securely on any device anytime, anywhere, even in abroad.

In addition, for the Government services and businesses, the National Digital ID will enable innovative and value added digital services that facilitate end-to-end business processes with digital signing. This will promote process improvements and create efficiency as the platform is expected to adopt interoperability standards. The National Digital ID is also expected to provide stronger security and trust for high value transactions through greater identity assurance leveraging on robust technologies.