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The Modern Data Protection Platform

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Fresh from VeeamON 2021’s annual conference, Beni Sia and Anthony Spiteri weigh in with their thoughts about the Modern Data Protection Platform.

EITN: Please share what the first integration of Kasten K10 for Kubernetes means for businesses and business users

Veeam: The first integration of Kasten K10 is a direction of intentionality for Veeam and what we want to achieve moving forwards. Combining Kasten K10 for Kubernetes and connecting it to Veeam Backup and Replication essentially brings two companies together.

In terms of what this means for Businesses and Users, it gives existing Veeam Backup customers the ability to view Kasten backups in Veeam Backup and Replication. From a Kasten point of view, it allows the availability to leverage storage and replication, with more capabilities to come.

But more importantly, Veeam wants to make Kubernetes backups easy for those at the beginning of their containerization journey. This also comes at a time when more customers in the region are experimenting with Kubernetes and DevOps and our opportunity to ensure they have the correct backup requirements in place as they containerize their applications.

Beni Sia, VP of SEA and Korea

EITN: What is Veeam’s modern data protection, and how is it addressing shortcomings of previous generation of data protection? The press release states Veeam is #2 when it comes to backup and replication. Who is number 1?

Veeam: To address the shortcomings of the previous generation of data protection, we need to understand that this refers to applications and where workloads are going. In the past, reliance on physical servers and virtualization was significant, and this was an area that Veeam exceeded in. But looking forward, we need to ensure we can capture workloads that are moving from physical services and virtualization to containerized applications and modern data platforms, and it is crucial to have the ability to follow the application or workloads closely. This is where our Modern Data Protection offering comes in, which provides our customers and partners a single platform for data resiliency that protects every workload and enables access to all platforms with a single experience that ultimately reduces operational costs and ensures guaranteed recovery.

Anthony Spiteri, Senior Global Technologist, Product Strategy

Since Veeam was founded more than a decade ago, it has continuously expanded and strengthened its platform as the market evolves to new environments. Veeam is currently among the top five vendors in IDC’s Semi-Annual Software Tracker for Data Replication and Protection. Veeam aims to become the #1 industry leader in total revenue within the next two years but is consistently helping its 400,000+ customers worldwide with their Modern Data Protection and continues to protect that data that is powering the global digital economy.

EITN: How are all the product launches contributing towards a Modern Data Protection environment for organizations?

Veeam: By looking at the product launches from VeeamOn 2021, extending our current platform offerings and expanding this through the addition of Kasten to cover containerized workplaces, we are creating a Modern Data Protection environment for our customers and partners.

We define Modern Data Protection as a complete platform for data resiliency to protect every workload, access all platforms for an all-encompassing experience, reduce operational costs, and ensure guaranteed recovery. In addition to this, our earlier announcements to provide Veeam Backup for AWS or Microsoft Office 365 enables customers to protect their data and storage better.

Ultimately, we are building upon a strong foundation of products that enable people to protect their data and workloads through a modern data protection platform, no matter where they are.

EITN: How can businesses take advantage of Modern Data Protection to meet their business KPIs?

Veeam: Over the past 12-14 years, what Veeam has been doing as a company is to not only successfully backup workloads no matter where they are – be it from physical to virtual and now to more modern application platforms – but to ensure companies can recover quickly and meet their business KPIs. When you look at Veeam’s Modern Data Protection product set and add capabilities such as immutability across the board, we can help companies protect their strategic objectives. Furthermore, the enhancements Veeam has made over the recent releases in terms of instant recovery for databases and VM Backups emphasizes our dedication to our customers in helping them achieve and increase business KPIs.

From a Kubernetes perspective, many businesses currently embarking on their containerization journey do not know what KPIs look like in this modern world because it is still so fresh. Therefore, Veeam must offer simple and flexible products and carry out data backup and recovery efficiently compared to other modern data applications.

Veeam: We were thrown into the world of remote working more than a year ago, and as more people worked from home, more data was created offsite, driving an increase in the usage of backup and replication solutions. But since then, the amount of data has continued to grow exponentially. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology in terms of how people are using and consuming it, which has created more challenges for IT administrators, who need to be aware of where the data is located and protect it.

In terms of backup and replication, if we look at our service providers, for example, they are continuing to ingest tremendous amounts of data which ultimately is growing the usage of our object storage technology and the reliance on the public cloud.  From a replication usage standpoint, users are still uncertain why they need it despite knowing that replication technology offers a high level of protection of premises workloads. In terms of trends, replication is an interesting one to keep an eye on as it has not reached the inflexion point yet despite the pandemic, but we see an increased uptake in backup and recovery solutions.

Over the next one to three years, Veeam is well set up as a data protection platform, covering cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS environments, with our Modern Data Protection capabilities expanding on to Kubernetes. Our latest integration with Kasten K10 is set up to protect workloads no matter where they are. From a SaaS perspective, it continues to grow, so Veeam will undoubtedly look to add more SaaS platforms. So overall, it is pretty exciting to try to match the industry trends and where they are going.