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The low-down on Netflix cheating

Netflix recently released a report about the different types of Netflix cheaters – people around the world who watch shows without their partners.

Netflix cheating” – defined as watching a TV show ahead of your significant other – is on the rise worldwide. No relationship is safe. The study shows that 1 in 2 APAC consumers admit to secretly cheating on their partner. Netflix cheating was first uncovered in a study in the U.S. in 2013, where 12-percent of Americans admitted to this ‘infidelity’.CheatingProfile_TitleCard

Where is cheating happening in APAC?

Hong Kong (59%)

Singapore (47%)

India (46%)

Why do we cheat?

Most don’t plan to cheat…it just happens: 83% of cheating in APAC is unplanned. Enterprise IT News also happens to think it’s just become more and more easy to cheat because of mobility. Because of the nature of streaming media that uses Internet connectivity, any device that is Internet-enabled is a potential screen for Netflix shows… and a perfect partner-in-crime for deviant Netflix viewers.

How do we cheat?

Sleep with one eye open: 42% of cheating in India happens when one partner falls asleep, much higher than the global average of 25%.Netflix infographic


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