The largest global rollout of SD-WAN has happened

[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]NTT Communications is laying claim to being the first provider of 100-percent global software-defined network through local cloud centres. Vice President of NTT Communications in APAC, Yoshimasa Hashimoto explained that it means their new SD-WAN service portfolio leverages their industry-first 100-percent software-defined overlay network to provide performance and connectivity to clients’ branch offices around the world.

This is possible because it leverages over 1,000 local ISPs and network providers across over 190 countries.

EITN: Please explain this rollout that you have undertaken.

Hashimoto: This is the largest global rollout of any SD-WAN portfolio in the market, leveraging on the software-defined technology and platform acquired via the Virtela acquisition in 2014. Its secure web gateway, optimised connectivity and application acceleration services are delivered globally through more than 75 local cloud centers. Customers can enable, in a few clicks, firewall protection, URL filtering, intrusion prevention services as well as malware reporting functions close to their sites.

So far, no other global service provider has publicly announced SD-WAN availability in more than 190 countries. We’re able to provide end-to-end solutions to enterprises, including delivery and installations globally.

EITN: Can you describe how your suite of overlay SDN services can benefit global and regional enterprises? What are the top 3 business benefits of these services?

Hashimoto: The SD-WAN platform also supports various types of network connectivity options, including local ISP, Internet, broadband, wireless, MPLS, LTE and more, offering full flexibility to mix and match different types of connectivity. Customers can also bring in their own network, and/or SD-WAN CPE devices for NTT to manage.

This allows global and regional enterprises to integrate their existing connectivity services into the SD-WAN portfolio, while still enjoying the additional services made available through NTT’s SD-WAN platform such as application acceleration, secure web gateway and other cloud services.

A major differentiator of NTT’s SD-WAN solution is our real-time streaming network analytics, which gives CIOs and their IT teams deep insight into the health of their network, allowing full visibility of application performance, network security, utilization and end-user experience, in real time. This enables enterprises to analyze issues at the site, application dimension and individual IP address level, allowing them to take faster remediation to their IT issues without delays.

Finally, NTT’s SD-WAN comes with a service portfolio that will provide regional and global enterprises with flexibility and speed, by allowing them to deploy new services to their branch offices worldwide with little hassle. This enables the branch office IT services to transition to the cloud, reducing the amount of equipment required at the customer premises to enable and benefit from the full suite of SD-WAN Service portfolio capabilities.

EITN: What is your go-to-market model with this new technology that you are providing? Who do you work with to deploy and/or market the service?

Hashimoto: Customer’s requirements are getting more complex in this era of digital transformation. NTT Com will use our own direct salesforce and solution specialists as a primary approach to understand customers’ requirements, design, deploy and support an SD-WAN solution tailored to their needs.

NTT also has several group companies with a large presence and customer base globally, including NTT Data and Dimension Data. These NTT group companies are approaching their clients with their own capabilities as well as bringing in NTT Com as network solutions specialists based on a joint go-to-market model.

NTT also partners with solution providers and channel partners to sell these services to enterprise clients. NTT Group employees and its local partners support the delivery of NTT global network services in 190+ countries.

EITN: What capabilities does your Virtela acquisition bring to the table for NTT Communications?

The acquisition of Virtela in 2014 allows NTT Com to leverage on Virtela’s technology and expertise in software define networking. Virtela had been offering SD network services to enterprises for over 12 years at the time of acquisition. NTT Com and Virtela are working together to accelerate the development of NTT Com’s SDx-M solution and strategy.

EITN: What is the response from your customers and potential customers towards your new SD-WAN portfolio? What can your customers look forward to?

Hashimoto: Customers have been very excited with the comprehensive scope and breadth of the NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio. One of the features that gets the most interest is our streaming network analytics, which allows clients to keep a real-time pulse on the health of their company’s network, and provides multi-dimensional visualisation with replay functionality of application performance, network security, and end-user experience, enabling organisations to identify and analyse application and network issues, and an opportunity to remediate these problems faster than ever before.

Customers can also look forward to the industry’s most flexible and wide ranging connectivity options, choices in customer premise equipment, optimised local ISP selection & routing, enhanced quality of services, and Internet security gateways and application acceleration. Customers can look forward to NTT Com continue to innovate and offer new services to help them transform their enterprise network.


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