The Hypocrites in us

(This contribution by an EITN/IBB reader came in on the day that TMI was to cease operations).

59 people will lose their jobs tonight.

The Malaysian Insider (TMI) shuts its doors after 8 years in publication.

Few weeks back when Kinibiz closed its doors, 14 people lost their jobs. And not too long before that, The Malaysian Business magazine. Do you guys even remember them? Who else is next?

And while everyone is arguing about who once owned TMI, or preoccupied mourning this loss… Here’s the thing, fact is that We ourselves are to be blamed for TMI’s closure.

You want a non-bias media, yet you won’t support it with ads.

You want a fearless media, yet you won’t stand up for them other than posting a flimsy protest online.

You get upset with media like The Star, claiming they are biased, yet do you how many companies still want to be featured in The Star and place ads there?

You get upset when The Star run news articles that you don’t think should even see the light of day. Yet these are the very news articles that draws the highest visits on the website – so why are we  clicking on those stories and contributing to their likes?

Well, know this too – that all the Facebook comments, hits and re-posting of TMI’s stories means nothing to them or any publication out there that is trying to keep its operations afloat and to work their resources to put their  news out there.

To make a profit (or even break-even), to keep things running, media houses depend on advertisements – be it online or in print. There has to be a commercial value to a publication or else there’s no way they can make enough money to keep writers, administration, operations, in other words – the business, running.

How many companies have posted Ads in KiniBiz and TMI over the last few years? Many of you are business owners and business decision makers – ask yourselves if you have financially supported them as loudly as you have purported simply verbally? Are you even a paid subscriber to Malaysiakini?

“In the 20 months since acquiring TMI in June 2014, The Edge Media Group has incurred losses of around RM10 million and we are no longer in a position to keep it going.” – The Edge.

So unless you are going to financially support alternate media channels, be prepare to say Goodbye to them and stop putting down media who are forced to remain cautious in their reporting.

Cos’ at the end of the day, they are all trying to survive just like the rest of us.

IT BYTES BACK! says: There is a shortfall of good news media. All the little victories alternative media like TMI won in the name of freedom of speech and accurate reporting, has come to naught, because at the end of the day, Commercial sense takes precedence. Business-as-Usual remains snuggly safe and comfortable.


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