Cognizant Prem

The future-ready integration layer

TIBCO’s partner Cognizant, recently shared how they helped a multinational toy manufacturer transform its legacy consumer data platform and drive business value.

For the purpose of this article, this manufacturer shall remain anonymous.

However, having been in the market for several years and selling its products to a global market, its customer database was spread across multiple database systems and was ‘fed’ data from many different sources.

Besides all the tech investments already made into on-premise legacy technologies, the company had undergone a number of mergers and acquisitions which rendered its IT environment a hodge-podge mix of several types of solutions.

Customer pain points

Cognizant Director of Projects, Premkumar Arunachalam said, “There wasn’t a single source of truth about the customer, and it was a challenge to provide common information (to all business units).

On top of that, the same information has to be shown to the customers across all the touchpoint channels they use when interacting with the brand.

This was almost impossible to deliver because of the multiple disparate systems being used to handle all of the customer data.

Streamlined and simplified, please

Ultimately, the 3 broad goals of the customer were to consolidate all of their consumer data, streamline the consumer onboarding process and create context-aware insights for timely decisions using machine learning. 

All of this is in preparation for the toy manufacturer to become a digital business.

Premkumar recalled initial impressions, “It was a cumbersome and long-drawn process to introduce anything into its system architecture.

“It needed agile processes (to enable this), and without changing the core foundation of the system.”

Future-ready, also

Cognizant opted to take a holistic view of what was required for the customer, and when sharing the tenets of the end-to-end solution they designed for this customer, Premkumar shared that it had to be platform-based and future-ready, besides being able to deliver fast, accurately and in real-time.

This required a modern architecture, which he described would be able to auto-correct and auto-remediate.

“Cognizant recommended everything, and when it came to integration, TIBCO’S solution was used,” he said, adding that TIBCO has been a partner since 2004 and that together they serve over 100 customers.

Single pane of glass

With the new platform, the customer would not have to expand their investments for on-demand infrastructure, they can buy infrastructure from public cloud providers like Google Cloud, or use just some components of the cloud to cater to their requirements.

“This will enable them to expand rapidly,” Premkumar pointed out.

There now is also a single unified view of the customer data, ticking the box in terms of meeting customer requirements.

Premkumar described, “If I make a promotional offer to the customer in the store, when he or she go home, they will see that same offer on another device.”

Phased approach

To minimise disruption to the business, the new system is being implemented in a phased manner. The project which began last August would culminate I a whole new system in place by end of 2019.

“Over the year, we will migrate all these data to the new platform. Till that is complete, there are data-syncing issues (between old and new systems) which we are monitoring intensely and mitigating with patchwork.

“The old on-premise system would be completely de-commissioned, and the integration layer would be purely cloud-based,” Premkumar concluded.