The end-to-end E-commerce solution for SMEs

Brick-and-mortar shops hold a certain appeal for those of us who still like to walk into one, to touch and hold the products or view the services being offered first-hand.

But, how do you reach a potential market that is located in another state? There are only so many physical branches a brand can build before the economics cease to make sense. An SME may think of setting up a website to help create awareness about the products it is offering.

These days, however, merely creating a website to advertise your wares is not enough. A good example of this is all the social shops that have mushroomed on social media sites like Facebook. They not only list their products but also provide a way to sell and deliver said goods as well. It only makes sense that since you have already taken to the Internet to promote what you are selling, then why not go all the way and allow for transactions and delivery to take place?

But technology adoption in Malaysia could be better. The percentage of SMEs that have broadband connectivity, much less a website is still very low. How then do they even start to think about implementing offline-to-online strategies that more tech matured markets have already adopted?

Against such a background, the only thing missing is an end-to-end solution that is both user-friendly and takes care of the common headaches plaguing most Malaysian SMEs.

All in

Fusionex’s FOR YOU is an agile and powerful customer engagement platform with an edge over other e-store providers out there. In fact, it not only combines everything you need to get your brand online but allows you to optimise your customer interaction via its comprehensive set of features and analytics.

With FOR YOU, it takes only 15 minutes to get your store online. The scale and speed at which an SME brand can become global is unprecedented, thanks to the Internet and FOR YOU’s database of over 3 million customers who are already shopping online via their mobile phones!

Through its central management; inventory, live customer service and end-to-end delivery and fulfilment is taken care of. Fast and secure payment services are also available in a matter of days instead of months and SMEs can start selling their wares immediately.

With its embedded analytics technology, FOR YOU helps level the playing field between the little guys and the big boys, eventually ensuring that good quality wares emerge and stay visible to its target audience.

Without worrying about delivery and customer support, SMEs now need only focus on delighting their customers based on its analytics-derived insights by anticipating what their customers want and quickly capitalising on it. Analytics can also be used to identify one’s customer base, understand their purchasing habits and motives as well as what influences them to return.

Along with these answers and FOR YOU’s integrated, user-friendly loyalty system, companies can craft loyalty programs and reward loyal customers with points that can be used to get discounts, cash back rewards and other such goodies that will cause them to keep returning.

FOR YOU is an end-to-end solution that takes the hard work and more importantly the guesswork out of an SME’s e-commerce initiatives. In return you will only need to focus on your products, your business, and how you’d like to execute your offline to online strategies for maximum visibility, awareness and conversions.

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