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Tech Trend: It’s ‘Machine Learning’ for Citrix

At the recent Citrix Synergy 2019 Atlanta conference, EITN asked Citrix’s top execs – CEO David Henshall and Chief Product Officer, PJ Hough on which ONE technological trend that they see would help keep the company at the leading edge in the enterprise tech space?

PJ Hough replied to EITN that ‘Machine Learning’ as his chosen technological trend to do this just this.

Video Caption: “We are focusing a lot of investments in Machine Learning (ML), as an industry we are still very early stages of exploiting that technology.

If you want to build great learning and AI, you (first) need great data – which we have in great abundance.

That means our opportunity to mine that data in productive ways for our customers. Last year we unveiled our security portfolio – all based on analytics data sets and driven by ML and AI.

This morning (at the Keynote address) we talked about some of the productivity features in the workspace that are also powered by that same data and understanding of users; and Performance analytics that we avail as a separate service”

(This journalist was a guest of Citrix’s to their annual conference Citrix Synergy, in Atlanta, Georgia)