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Tailored security solutions

Network security is top priority in many IT managers’ minds, something which Avnet aims to leverage by offering a full suite of IT security solutions that are customised to customers’ assets, to fully protect from cyber criminals.

Avnet started the Network Security business because of market trends at the time, where they saw various companies increasingly made vulnerable by cyber security threats, according to Avnet Technology Solutions’ Business Development Manager for their consulting organisation, Eugene Lee.

“Many of these large scale enterprises heavily invested in IT security and complied with regulatory required ‘(system) penetration tests’. Yet, these were not enough to protect their websites from being hacked.”

Eugene Lee

Eugene Lee

As a result, security breaches caused significant damage, but large conglomerates also suffered unnecessary loss of face, intellectual property and customer confidence.

As a global IT solutions distributor, Avnet Technology Solutions collaborates with its customers and suppliers to create and deliver effective solutions that address the business challenges of their end-user customers locally and around the world.


Lee shared, “For the network security portion, we have brands such as Cisco, Brocade, IBM Security Framework, Citrix Netscaler, HP & F5 WAF.

“We tailor our partnership to accommodate each partner’s specific needs and goals, working with customers to assess and identify the right opportunities to grow sales and accelerate success.

He also shared about the WhiteHat approach which consists of performing health checks (Vulnerability assessment) on the customer’s system to understand the customer’s problem and to propose viable solutions to solve it.

“After getting the approval of the customer, we hack into the network system simulating the action of hackers intent on creating damage. We think like them, use the similar methods while considering the easiest way to get into the system, with the least risk of detection, for the longest period of time.”

No doubt, using this ‘White Hat’ approach successfully, requires a professional IT security team that has a certain amount of knowledge about the customer, including their business and set up, as well as the various motives, resources and tools used by the potential hackers

Lee also explained that once this ‘health check’ is complete, Avnet will propose the appropriate ICT security framework to close the gaps, continue conducting threat analysis and monitoring through log analyses while keeping updated on leading cybersecurity practices.

Weak links

Lee also identified the top three weakest links in Malaysian organisations that cyber attackers love to exploit. First is the single query language (SQL) attack, which is the most common type of threat in Malaysian organisations. It also accounts for 60-percent of occurrences in ‘white hat’ health checks on IT security systems.

The second is ‘brute force’ threats that are random attacks, while the third; cross-site scripting (XSS); is an extremely nasty vulnerability that can result in complete takeover of a Web-based enterprise application, production server and core database.

Lee observed, “Most companies lack the presence of a Security Analyst/IT security engineer. That’s where Avnet comes in with the White Hat Approach as we can help troubleshoot problems on-site with IT managers.”

He also noted that in Malaysia, IT security is a low priority as companies would rather spend time and resources on virtualising their environment, spending more on power and maybe storage.

Unless a bad security breach has happened, most organisations would not spend on IT security.

Lee explained, “We have 3,000 professionals worldwide who provide direct and collaborative support to our partners throughout the solutions sales cycle. Our team includes industry specialists as well as technical, solution and sales experts.”

Not to mention there is their proprietary SolutionsPath methodology, which he claims is the only strategy in the channel that is proven to help their partners rapidly enter and excel in high-growth technology and vertical markets.

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