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Stories from 3DExperience World 2023: Why not an incubator?

An incubator typically provides services like financing, management of finance, services related to spaces and so on, according to Fabio Pizzato, Chief of Entrepreneurs of e-Novia, a global industrial group that operates with technologies developed in Italy.

“But it’s left a lot to the company to develop its product,” Fabio described of what an incubator does, and how e-Novia is different.

Due to e-Novia wanting to do innovation with physical product, they realised that it requires a much more complex ecosystem, and connections, and network.

“Just to be an incubator is not enough. We want to be a sort of co-founder of the company we work with,” he shared.

As such, e-Novia provides financing and support to get financing from our network of investors and partners.

E-Novia also wants to build expertise within an audience so we are very specific on what they want to invest in, and the type of innovation they want to do.

Watch the video to find out what Fabio means.