Star Media Group Delivers Content based on Data Managed with Google Cloud

The media industry worldwide is transforming as new technologies revolutionize business models and change reading and viewing habits. Star Media Group is profoundly impacted by these changes. However, the diversified and technologically savvy Star Media Group is well equipped to transition successfully to the digital media age.

“Over the last several years, readership habits have changed as consumers move from reading newspapers to online content and their attention spans shorten, in addition, consumers want to read less, watch more video, and interact with content and content creators.” said Freddy Loo, Senior General Manager, Digital Products & Analytics at Star Media Group.

Star Media Group Group embarked on its Google Cloud journey in January 2019 with the deployment of a BigQuery-powered analytics data warehouse. “We selected a service that met our needs for flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness and agility—and enabled us to take advantage of seamless integration and the easy movement of data from sources such as Google Analytics 360,” says Loo.

BigQuery enables Star Media Group to seamlessly capture and analyze data about its customers. “If we can track and understand customers’ life events such as buying a house, acquiring a car, or finding a school for their children, and capture what they read, like, and visit, we can build a comprehensive view of the individual—and tailor our content to their needs.”

Star Media Group is now exploring the potential of machine learning through Google to provide more relevant, personalized content and a better experience for customers. “I want to use machine learning to show customers content based on what they have viewed previously and on what we know about them—for example, whether a consumer likes football, follows a particular team, and reads any coverage of that club,” says Loo.

Fourteen months after embarking on our digital transformation program, Star Media Group have implemented an end-to-end platform enabling data injection, storage, analysis, reporting, and machine learning. Over the next 12 months, Loo plans to work on delivering business value by helping editors and producers identify the type of content that sparks consumers’ interest—and the device that content works best on. This activity will power a broader agenda of reshaping Star Media Group.

With Google Cloud, Star Media Group is now well positioned to continue on its trajectory to success in the digital age. “Understanding how others are addressing the challenges of transformation, being able to do proofs of concept quickly and easily, and demonstrate results are helping me change the mindset of our workforce and go to market with our new approach.” ends Loo


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