Software AG’s new cloud migration solution

Not long ago, Software AG announced a powerful new solution with Microsoft that simplifies cloud migration and enables business continuity. Called the Cloud Migration Accelerator, this solution is based on Integration platform.

This platform allows enterprises to connect to applications, cloud services and data faster than ever before.

EITN has a quick chat with Chief Product Officer and member of the management board, Dr. Stefan Sigg, about this new capability.

EITN: Are there stats about how much faster your new cloud migration service is compared to previous service or other services in the market?

Stefan: This is coming. We are engaged in in several joint cloud migration projects with Microsoft, such as Walgreens Boots Alliance, which has already demonstrated increased speed at a reduced risk. Major migration projects such as these can take some time so we can expect verified KPIs and parameters in due course.

EITN: What did it take for Microsoft and Software AG to be able to offer this service?

Stefan: (There are) many joint customers that demonstrated the real value of during their cloud migrations. The logical step was to sit together, Software AG and Microsoft, to industrialize this value you could say, and make it available to the broader Microsoft ecosystem.

EITN: The phrase “connected ecosystem” also comes up a few times in press release. What exactly does it mean, and what are the components of this ecosystem?

Stefan: Cloud migration means that applications move off premise and mainly into public clouds where a third party owns and manages the cloud services.

Connecting this wide range of services ensures that established integration and the resulting value from having a full view of data is NOT lost, it brings all enterprise assets together.

Ecosystem in this context therefore means the customer, all its partners and all its applications wherever they are …  and opening that ecosystem even further by allowing it to connect to IoT data: on premise, in the cloud and on the edge.

EITN: What are the other technical collaborations and/or joint offering that you have with Microsoft, and what is the next step after enabling cloud migration for your shared pool of customers?

Stefan: We are intensifying the collaboration, connectivity and standardization (e.g. the Open Data Initiative) and we are also exploring more joint offerings in the context of IoT, also driven by joint customers such as Deutsche Telecom, Adamos, Siemens. You can expect more developments to be announced in due course.

EITN: Are you going to new customers with this offering?

Stefan: Absolutely ….we are primarily targeting new customers. Any enterprise migrating to Azure can benefit from this cloud migration accelerator. And benefit from  reduced risk. Risk has a price and lowering that price gives an immediate payback.

EITN: Do you have similar cloud migration services for other cloud providers like Google or Amazon? Are you even talking to Ali Baba Cloud?

Stefan: We are exploring the same with AWS as currently most of our customers are AWS customers … and we are in the early stages with Alibaba, also driven by customers.