Smart city ambitions in Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya is Malaysia’s first cybercity, an integral role to Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia). According to Faris Yahaya, Managing Director of Cyberview Sdn Bhd, “It has grown to be a well-known ICT hub since 1996, serving as a catalyst for the development of the IT industry in Malaysia.

“This has also attracted a great number of MNCs, SMEs, and start-ups to set up their business in Cyberjaya with its established infrastructure, incentives and strong business ecosystem that supports the growth of our nation’s digital economy.

Faris Yahaya_Cyberview MD

Faris Yahaya

Last figures provided by Multimedia Development Corridor (MDeC) show that in 2014, Cyberjaya received RM6.35 billion of total investment, and has been hosting over 40,000 knowledge workers from 506 companies.

Faris said, :Cyberview, the technology hub enabler behind the success of Cyberjaya, is mandated to elevate Cyberjaya into a Global Technology Hub (GTH) while reaffirming its existing position as a premier Information Communications Technology (ICT) location.”

The vision for GTH is to accelerate Cyberjaya’s global leadership in technology, create high income job opportunities, and becoming a preferred investment hub under nine technology areas: Information Security, Creative Content Technologies, Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Green Technology, Biotechnology, Wearable Technologies, and Smart Grid Technology.

Securing targeted investments into GTH will enable the transfer of knowledge from overseas MNCs to local firms, along with pioneering ideas that will ultimately transform Malaysia into a robust digital economy. This vision will be realised through close collaboration with other relevant agencies to further strengthen Cyberjaya’s ecosystem i.e. talent, infrastructure, R&D institutions and platforms, incentives and funding, networks, broadband access and liveability, to groom innovative technologies in the tech city.

Smart city ambitions

As of 2015, Cyberjaya has also taken on another role.

Telekom Malaysia (TM), via its wholly owned subsidiary, Intelsec Sdn Bhd, and Cyberview recently signed a Memorandum of Collaboration (MOC) to strengthen the telecommunication and ICT infrastructure in Cyberjaya.

Under the agreement, both parties will work on strengthening existing ICT Infrastructure, promoting Smart City living, enabling innovation, and co-marketing & talent collaboration programme.

Faris explained, “On the short-term goal, TM will improve the Wi-Fi connectivity as well as High Speed Broadband (HSBB) in Cyberjaya, of which the first stage of upgrading works is targeted  to be completed by Q3 this year.

“The collaboration will also see Cyberjaya leverage on Intelsec’s smart service infrastructure, as well as working on ways to enhance the public safety and security, as well as the smart parking system within the premise.”

On mid & long-term goals, both parties will promote smart living through monitoring, controlling, and energy management efforts at data centre, city command centre, city portal, operational items such as digital signage and lighting, as well as waste management in the city.

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