Shareguide Preaches Need for I4.0 Mindset Change

Shareguide, Malaysia’s premium association of IT end users, held its first Executive Talk Series entitled ‘Crossing The Rubicon’ – Industry 4.0 Mindset & Digital Employee Challenge, presented by Tan Chee Peng , CEO of Business Technovise Innovation.

While the I4.0 revolution started in 2011 and is expected to reach its tipping point will happen in six years, in 2025.

However Tan, who has visited the ‘Mecca’ of the world’s I4.0 in Hannover Germany for international conferences and claimed to has seen the full future potential of I4.0 (by way of signing many NDAs before shown the ‘secrets’ of I4.0 strategies by world leading organisations), he exclaims enthusiastically, “I can tell you, 2025 will not happen….because it will happen Earlier!”

Tan shares about having the right ‘Digital mindset’ for digital transformation to happen in 14.0, saying, ‘Nothing to do with technology, but ALL about mindset’

He believes that while many businesses today are successful, they will be outdated if they do not embrace and anticipate the issues they will face in the era of I4.0; he says, “Indeed, I4.0 biggest democratiser and equaliser (for businesses).”

On Human Capital 4.0, Tan warns directly, ”The rotting of fish starts from its head”, in reference to why heads of companies need to transform themselves into ‘digitally-savvy’ leaders to cope with I4.0, lest the companies’ entire human capital becomes redundant in I4.0.

Tan’s one hour presentation went into many other analogies and examples to propagate a mindset change in leaders, to be prepared for the I4.0 revolution that will impact everything in the organisation.

Moving forward in 2019, Shareguide will work with MDEC for more Executive Talk Series activities.

According to Rajan Dorairaj, Head is Corp Engagement, Digital Adoption Ecosystem, starting in June during MDEC’s Malaysian Tech Week will be the first ever ‘MDEC-Shareguide Corporate Roundtable’.

Rajan shares, “The objective government is to understand challenges faced by Malaysia corporation in digital transformation; and to develop collaborative plan with MY corporation to support the country’s digital transformation plan.”

The MDEC-Shareguide joint event will support these objectives.

Shareguide currently has about 70 members, mostly consisting of IT end users coming from a diversity of Malaysian industry sectors.

According to Woo Yuen Seng, Program Director at Shareguide, 6 of its existing members already represent RM2.1Billion in IT budget spending in Malaysia.

Woo says, ‘Shareguide represents a pretty important corporate group of decision-makers; hence it’s important for us to work with MDEC to help the country’s digital transformation journey.’