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Share/Guide member sharing session: Timedotcom

A Share/Guide member sharing session featuring Timedotcom, revealed how the fixed line connectivity provider can enable digital transformation for businesses in Malaysia.

Executive VP of the Enterprise Division, Kit Au, shared that Timedotcom is a service provider with businesses spanning across fixed-line connectivity, global networks, data centre and cloud services. In order for us to provide fixed line connectivity to our customers, we own a nationwide fibre network that runs from north to south of Peninsular Malaysia,” he described.

Timedotcom owns and operates a Malaysia-wide network, two submarine cable landing stations in Malaysia, and four international submarine cable systems connecting Malaysia to Europe and United States, via an Africa route.

It also claims distinction of being the first Malaysian telco to own fibre network infrastructure in Singapore.

DX drivers now

Head of Business Development, Tze Seng Chu, had presented that customers, the market, cost control imperatives and employee experience, were some of the drivers for digital transformation in Malaysia.

For example, speed is needed for organisations to adapt to rapid changes in customer demand due to underlying market conditions. Seng Chu foresees that due to the current situation Malaysian businesses are faced wit (unprecedented revenue losses and poor access to capital), cost control is required, although it has to be balanced with enabling business operations to continue to run, as well as grow in the future.

“IDC expects 66-percent of Malaysia’s GDP to be digitalised by 2022,” he shared.

Data centres play a huge role in making these happen, and Seng Chu stated Frost and Sullivan research that indicates data centre growth drivers as increasing demand for hyperscale cloud services, growing focus on digitalisation, rising demand from the financial services industry, and even favourable government expansion policies.

Interconnection Hub

Timedotcom boasts a dynamic ecosystem comprising communication service providers, network service providers, enterprises, hyperscalers, content providers, and financial services providers.

Being the most interconnected data centre in Malaysia, as well as home to Malaysia’s first Internet Exchange (MyIX), the company has experience, expertise, and connections. It sees itself as the gateway for business expansion in Southeast Asia, thanks to its regional presence in major Southeast Asian cities and terrestrial and subsea cables spanning two-thirds of the globe.

This results in an interconnected system which Seng Chu says, can connect businesses privately to their partners for better security and reduced latency. Overall, this enhances time and cost efficiency.