Virtual Forge: Security vulnerabilities boils down to Code

When Virtual Forge was established 18 years ago in Germany by former SAP employees,  its focus had been on reviewing SAP source code. This was to fill a gap that existed because according to Virtual Forge’s President for APAC and Japan, Leo Ip, Virtual Forge has deep technical knowledge and industry expertise in not only reviewing and applying secure code (ABAP and SAP HANA).

As SAP ERP is widely used by large organisation and government worldwide, it’s therefore naturally highly targeted for Cyber Attacks either via internal or external means.

For example, there is reason to believe that SingHealth’s data breach last July, was due to a vulnerability in SAP-based systems of 1.5 million medical records. SingHealth’s data breach last July was attributed to vulnerability in SAP-based systems of patient medical records. Leo pointed out there could be similar potential challenges for Virtual Forge’s existing customers  and well-known names like Siemens, the US Department of Defense, BHP Billiton, and even the likes of Deutsche Bank,

“In our 18 years of experience working in SAP security, we have identified three key areas that are largely responsible for security vulnerabilities; system settings, custom developed code, and importing transports.”


SAP’s influence is not to be underestimated. Some businesses, especially businesses in the midst of legal battles with the German-based business software player, would even describe it as being a monopoly, because such is the heft and pervasiveness of SAP solutions in the business world today.

It has over 378,000 customers globally in over 180 countries, and SAP customers can be found amongst 98-percent of the 100 most valued brands and 91-percent of Forbes Global 2000 companies.

This is also Virtual Forge’s total addressable market.

Of this the total SAP market share, Virtual Forge’s solutions can be found in around 5000 of them.

“In the last 18 years, we have made great progress in this area, and we are now readily expanding into Asia Pacific region and bring with us our wealth of knowledge and experiences,” Leo said, adding that another Virtual Forge office will open by early next year, pending on a customer deal which is expected to happen soon.

Last March, Virtual Forge has set up a business entity in Singapore, and recently did the same in Australia. “We are increasing headcount for sales and presales consulting. We have also form strategic partnership with the right local partners to rapidly increase our presence and take advantage of local expertise.

“This local business partner model is critical for emerging countries because they have an established network of contacts, as well as possess local knowhow and go-to-market knowledge.”

Leo named Singapore, Malaysia and Australia as his top geographical priorities currently.