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Secure Management and Issuance of Trusted Identities

Caption: L-R: HID Global product manager, Nelson Fung and ASEAN sales directors Alex Tan and Hary Permadi

HID Global, a trusted identity solutions provider, participated and presented for the first time, its latest innovations for convenient and secure physical and digital access at INTERPOL World 2019.

HID Global’s portfolio comprises of secure identity issuance, secure physical/digital access control and even citizen identification services, with millions of users across over 100 countries.

During INTERPOL World 2019, the company showcased innovative solutions, like a retransfer printer, mobile biometric identity solutions, and even secure physical access solutions that replaces access cards with our mobile phones.

Commenting about mobile IDs on mobile phones, ASEAN Sales Director of Physical Access Control, Alex Tan said, “Millennials want this flexibility.”

Secure issuance

This division is involved in the secure issuance of trusted identities, via cards and even government-issued credentials like passports and national ID cards.

The company is on to its sixth generation of retransfer printers under the FARGO brand name. Since ire-engineering the printing concept, HID’s FARGO printers have achieved breakthrough card throughput speeds; 230 cards per hour which is unprecedented. The end product is also something that cannot be easily forged, because there are options to laser-engrave, apply hologram materials and more.

ASEAN Sales director of this division, Hary Permadi pointd out, “These new printers can even encode information into smart chips (for cards and passports).”

In spite of this, the line up offers end-to-end solutions for government and business organisations to create cards, encode data, issue replacements in the event of a loss, and manage print queues, in a way that is compliant with requlatory and privacy requirements of the industry and government.

This is because FARGO printers are backed by HID FARGO Connect, a cloud-based identity management service that is secured with end-to-end encryption and transport layer security.

So, for the first time ever, ID cards can be issued from anywhere and from any device via a web interface.

Hary pointed out that even wireless access is hackable, hence data transfer to and from the printers are via network cables only. The data while in this state of motion is coded with AES 256 encryption, and the use of wireless connectivity is an absolute no-no.

Evolution and Leveraging new technologies

Despite nearly 30 years of being a provider of trusted issuance and management of identities, HID Global has had to move with the evolving tech trends and address what users want to use.

HID FARGO Connect is one good example of the use of current technologies to create more simplicity and convenience for organisations and its users.

Another example is the multi-phased streamlining, of the Tanzanian passport and other government-issued credentials and permits.

Since early 2018, HID Global has been Tanzania’s primary supplier of an end-to-end solution for issuing e-Passports with advanced physical and electronic security features, automated verification capabilities and, importantly, a contactless chip embedded in the polycarbonate datapage.

The country now has a single citizen identification system that spans the entire identity journey from data capture to issuance that can be used to support e-Visas, e-Permits and other physical electronic documents.

Future plans

HID Global’s mission is to give people convenient access to physical and digital places, and connect things that can be identified, verified and tracked digitally.

This sounds very relevant for a world with Internet of Things (IoT), and to help secure this future landscape, HID Global had acquired Bluvision in 2016. Alex and Hary described it as a location-based service for asset management, that is based upon Bluetooth technology, but the capabilities of this solution alludes to a potential for much, much more.