SAP TechEd: Next-gen HANA and rebutting the critics

At SAP TechEd in Barcelona, member of the executive board, Products and Innovation, Bernd Leukert officially announced the next-generation of their in-memory computing platform, SAP HANA or High-Performance Analytic Appliance. He described how SAP HANA is the basis for everything SAP talks about and that it is becoming the “synonym for real-time processing of data.”

“No one questions that HANA brings you value, to digitally transform any app and process in your company… it is the backbone of thousands of major companies,” he emphasised.

During an interview later with Enterprise IT News, Leukert shared the thinking behind the naming convention for their next generation in-memory computing platform, SAP HANA 2.

Bernd Leukert

Bernd Leukert: Comes down hard on critics of SAP’s cloud efforts

SAP’s software usually uses service packs for major releases which is scheduled to happen every half year. This time however, they are diverting from their usual path of a new HANA package every six months.

He said, “Customers have been telling us they are highly appreciative of the speed of innovation, but they don’t want new capabilities every six months. When in redefinition of your business, you just want it up and running and stable.

“Our customers are saying ‘If this is mixed with crazy new innovations, you are giving us a hard time!’ So, we made that step and listened to our customers, and now we have SAP HANA 2.”

Cost reduction

The next-generation HANA 2 which is launching end of November, will deliver new enhancements around database management, data management, analytics and application development.

But, Leukert pointed out one innovation which he personally feels is the biggest one and that could potentially reduce cost of operations by over 50-percent.

This has to do with a capability that balances the request load between the main node and the replica node which is used for hot standby and disaster recovery. Leukert explained that the replica node is usually in idle mode, but a load balancing feature is able to distribute read-only requests to the database, between the two nodes and even utilise compute power of the replica node when needed.

When a business expands along with queries to the database, rightsizing would take into account the IT resources of the replica node as well, bringing down cost of operations by at least two times, Leukert explained.

During his keynote, Leukert also announced other new HANA-based solutions like SAP HANA microservices, an express edition of SAP HANA 2 and more.

Rebutting the critics

Leukert also took the opportunity to refute what critics and competitors are saying about SAP’s software-as-a-service not being true SaaS.

“If someone says we are not a true SaaS company, I simply call this a marketing joke. The products we offer in the cloud are true SaaS products that make use of elasticity, multi-tenant capability (except if they are hosted privately)… and we have huge demand for that with testimonials, that the competition is not talking about publicly.

“So, to say that we are not true SaaS company, is a marketing hypothesis from competition!”



(This journalist is a guest of SAP’s to their tech conference in Barcelona, Spain)

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