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Sophos has launched the latest version of Sophos Mobile Control 3.0 (SMC 3.0) which is offered as a ‘behind the firewall’ solution as well as well as cloud-based MDM-as-a-service.

While seeming to be just another mobile device management solution, there are 3 interesting features to note about this award winning MDM solution.

Firstly, is that is integrates with Sophos Mobile Security 2.0, which Sophos seems to tout as especially useful for organisations which have trouble adapting to the overwhelming tide of Android devices coming into the organisation; the mobile OS is infamous for being especially targeted by malware. With Sophos Mobile Security (SMS) 2.0, all apps and media would be scanned and findings are centrally reported.

SMS 2.0 also has Web security, and extends URL filtering and Sophos’ wealth of malware reputation knowledge to Android devices.

The third and perhaps most interesting feature about SMC 3.0 however would have to be Sophos’ collaboration with Samsung to integrate support for Samsung SAFE (Samsung for Enterprises) devices.

Sumit Bansal

Director of sales in ASEAN for Sophos, Sumit Bansal said, “Sophos is a Silver Partner with Samsung, supporting Samsung SAFE devices with SMC which is offered both on-premise and as a service (SaaS).” There is also extended manageability for and support for enterprise features like VPN, WiFi and Exchange configuration.

Sumit added, “With the Samsung SAFE interface, Sophos can configure Samsung devices with significantly more settings than the options available for vanilla Android. The new settings include various restrictions, besides the above configurations.”

Sophos currently only has support for Samsung SAFE devices, but Sumit said that over the next SMC releases, Sophos would  extend the coverage to other vendors like HTC and Motorola.


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