Reducing Complexity for Mobile Management

Fujitsu’s newly announced Managed Mobile solution is not necessarily only cloud-based. CTO of Fujitsu Asia/Pacific Craig Baty said, “Fujitsu’s Managed Mobile offering can be sold as a standalone service or as an integrated part of an infrastructure outsourcing agreement.

He explained that the recent trend of mobility requires a new enterprise mobility management (EMM) infrastructure. There are several components of mobility management, including mobile device management, mobile app management and mobile security; the number of components and breadth of coverage.

Craig Baty

“When deciding to respond to the mobile challenge and reduce complexity, our customers are generally faced with three principle deployment approaches – on premise, Cloud MDM (IaaS/SaaS) and Cloud-based managed service.

“Once, an enterprise has put in place the Managed Mobile solution, the application can be accessed via a Web browser.”

Same-same but Different
Baty explained how their offering is different from the usual mobile device management offerings out there. “Fujitsu’s Managed Mobile offering stands apart from the on-premise and SaaS alternatives in that we :-

– offer an all-in-one global cloud offering that enables customers to efficiently deploy, manage, support, control and secure mobile devices, applications and users

– are pioneering the MDM market by leveraging on  new/latest technologies such as cloud

– leverage our leadership position in the cloud and end user services to deliver a fully-managed cloud service to our customers

– remove the investments, costs and risks related to developing a global service management, support and device lifecycle services model to deliver a high quality service

– have ability to automatically configure and provision third party applications and integrate mobile infrastructure to corporate IT to reduce admin and support effort

The C-level challenge
Baty said, “The current and biggest CEO challenge today is the rapidly escalating complexity within our socioeconomic environments. CEOs today navigate within an economically uncertain and highly unpredictable business environment. Business leaders constantly work towards keeping their structures simple, lower fixed costs and managing variable costs in order to increase their agility and improve business performance.
He continued that the rising trend of IT consumerisation and BYOD pose key security challenges, as well as opportunities for CIOs to shape the 21st century workplace where IT infrastructures and systems are centralised, while enabling end users to be mobile and able to access corporate data from anywhere, any place at any time.
Fujitsu Managed Mobile solution helps CIOs manage the key security risk by:-
1.       Managing and controlling the growing number of mobile devices and platforms within the workplace
2.       Accommodating a wide choice of devices/platforms and more flexible/mobile working practices
3.       Helping define and enforcing mobile security policies
4.       Helping manage a flexible cost base and lowering TCO related to enterprise mobility
Fujitsu Managed Mobile solution provides three different deployment approaches that help address CIO challenges, i.e., on-premise, Cloud MDM, or Cloud-based manage service. A pay-per-use model with CORE support package charges RM15 per device per month, and there is a one-time set up fee of RM40,000 per organisation. Rates vary depending on user requirements and increases with added support like CORE PLUS or ENHANCED packages.
Baty concluded, “We are targeting to position this solution across the following sectors, particularly government, telecommunications and financial services.”


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