Red Hat Launches OpenShift Primed to Accelerate Container Platform Value with New Partner Technologies

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, recently introduced OpenShift Primed, a new partner designation to recognize a growing ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs) who are integrating solutions with OpenShift, Red Hat’s container application platform. As global enterprise customers explore container adoption, OpenShift Primed is designed to not only recognize partners in active development with OpenShift, but also give customers better visibility to solutions being built around OpenShift.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (formerly known as OpenShift Enterprise) is the industry’s first web-scale container application platform based on Docker-format Linux containers, Kubernetes orchestration, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. As interest in containers moves from development and testing into production, Red Hat is committed to fostering a strong ecosystem of container-ready solutions that can run across the datacentre’s four footprints while maintaining the strong application consistency ISVs require.

OpenShift Primed is a technical readiness program whose designation acknowledges the first steps of an ISV integrating its applications with OpenShift and the steps these ISVs take as they move towards Red Hat Container Certification as part of Red Hat’s Technology Partner program. Via OpenShift Primed, not only can ISVs making the move to containers benefit, but so can other partners with OpenShift technologies — including infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service partners. To qualify, ISVs must submit technical evidence (e.g. source code, how-to guides, or video demonstrations) showing integration with any variant of OpenShift, including OpenShift Origin. Once approved, partners gain access to various marketing resources, helping to raise awareness that their solutions are in active development with OpenShift, and showcasing their solutions to Red Hat’s customer base seeking container technology solutions.

Customers can also view OpenShift Primed solutions on the OpenShift Hub, offering insight into an extensive ecosystem of ISV solutions that can complement their Red Hat deployments. Existing OpenShift customers can access and review the catalogue of OpenShift Primed solutions and test them in their own environments according to specific technology needs.

At launch, more than 15 ISVs have earned the OpenShift Primed designation, including: 3scale; 6fusion; CloudBees; CloudMunch; Couchbase; Crunchy Data; Diamanti; Dynatrace; GitLab;; NGINX; Nuage Networks; Pachyderm; Roambee; and Sysdig.

Supporting Quotes

Ashesh Badani, Vice President and General Manager, OpenShift, Red Hat

“OpenShift has evolved as a leading container application platform, and to enable customer adoption of containers, we want to foster the industry’s widest ecosystem in support of container adoption. As partners embark on this journey to provide certified container solutions, we want to recognize their accomplishments and contributions to the community from the beginning of the certification process. OpenShift Primed gives us a platform to recognize this ecosystem of partners, and through it, we look forward to connecting even more ISVs who are building container application solutions with open source technologies.”

Ravi Mayuram, Senior Vice President, Products and Engineering, Couchbase

“Couchbase customers have seen containerization as a way to get more from the infrastructure stack that runs their web, mobile and IoT applications. We are excited to be recognized as an OpenShift Primed technology at launch. This enables our joint customers to capitalize fully on the benefits of running Couchbase Server on the OpenShift platform, making it simple to develop and deploy stateful applications on top of Docker and Kubernetes.”

Paul Laurence, Chief Operating Officer, Crunchy Data

“Crunchy Data is excited to become OpenShift Primed. With our latest work together, we have created the Crunchy Container Suite for OpenShift. Using Docker-format containers and Kubernetes services, the Crunchy Container Suite provides the foundation for a database as a service running within OpenShift. This enables developers to easily use one of the world’s most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL, as the data tier for their cloud native applications. Red Hat has been a great technical and business partner in this effort and we look forward to work closely with them to drive this technology forward.”

Sytse Sijbrandij, Chief Executive Officer, GitLab

“We are excited to be working with Red Hat and becoming OpenShift Primed. With our joint collaboration, we have introduced several usability enhancements. As an example, GitLab will now be available as a one-click install with an OpenShift cloud cluster. GitLab and Red Hat working together means that developers and IT organizations can more easily run their GitLab instances on their own open source platform.”

Gus Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, NGINX

“NGINX has a strong, collaborative relationship with Red Hat on OpenShift, and we are excited to have our technology recognized as OpenShift Primed. Many of today’s leading organizations adopt NGINX Plus for high performance load balancing and traffic routing for their mission critical applications, both on-premise and in the cloud, enabling them to handle a larger volume of users while providing a faster and more consistent user experience. Becoming OpenShift Primed, NGINX can provide a more streamlined future for enterprise application development and delivery as organizations continue the move to containers and microservices to achieve even greater flexibility and scale.”

Sunil Khandekar, Chief Executive Officer, Nuage Networks

“When customers deploy production workloads on Red Hat OpenShift, they need a scalable and more secure networking infrastructure. With Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform, our joint customers are able to use policy-based security features and networking for heterogeneous application environments that include OpenShift, VMs, and physical servers. By becoming OpenShift Primed, Nuage Networks is positioned to help enterprise customers accelerate their journey to the next-generation of cloud applications.”

Steven Willmott, Chief Executive Officer, 3scale

“Customers using Red Hat OpenShift can more easily deploy the 3scale API Gateway in just a few clicks to make use of the many benefits of Red Hat’s enterprise-class container platform. This integration was a logical next step in our collaboration with Red Hat to offer a full-stack API solution. Becoming OpenShift Primed enables us to showcase our technology working with OpenShift and we are excited to be part of the OpenShift ecosystem.”


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