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Rakuten Trade To Offer Contra Trading To Investors

Caption for above pic:(L-R) Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd Managing Director Mr Kaoru Arai and Rakuten Securities, Inc. President Mr. Yuji Kusunoki get ready to introduce contra trading which is the company’s second offering after its cash upfront facility.

Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (“Rakuten Trade”) introduced its second product – Contra Trading on Monday 4 June 2018. Account opening facilities for Contra trading was made available to early bird customers beginning Saturday, 2 June 2018. The Contra Trading facility will offer investors a trading limit of three or five times the value of cash and/or collateralized shares*.

According to Rakuten Trade Managing Director, Mr Kaoru Arai, “Trading on the Malaysian equity market has never been more seamless and more efficient. In true Rakuten style, we are enhancing the trading experience for our investors by providing a platform that is different and more advantageous than what is currently being offered. Our Contra Trading complements the existing Cash Upfront facility as it gives additional leverage of up to 5 times* to our clients, higher than what is currently offered, yet at low brokerage rates that are the lowest in town.”

“We are confident that this will hold appeal for our fast growing digitally savvy investors as the premise of the new platform was designed based on their feedback and with our clients in mind. After all, the voice of our clients is a very important component in the continuing growth of the organization,” Arai added.

The launch comes at an opportune time as Rakuten Trade, the country’s first completely digital equities broker, just turned one.

The Rakuten Trade Contra Trading account offers share collateral value that differs depending on the type of collateral. Kindly refer to the table below*:

Table 1: Brokerage Table (no change to cash upfront brokerage fees)

Trading Value
Per Transaction/Stock (RM)
Contra Account Brokerage
Via Web/iSPEED.my
Cash Upfront Account Brokerage

Via Web/iSPEED.my

Below1,000.00 RM8.00 RM7.00
Between1,000.00 – 9,999.99 RM15.00 RM8.00
Between10,000.00 – 99,999.99 0.18% of Trading Value 0.10% of Trading Value
Equal & Above100,000.00 0.15% of Trading Value RM100.00

In line with the launch of its Contra Trading facility, Rakuten Trade also announced its Two Is Better Than One Campaign that offers cost efficiencies to investors. Clients who open both a Cash Upfront & Contra Trading account will receive a rebate of RM10*. Upon successful execution of their first trade, clients will receive 2,000 Rakuten Trade points, which for example is equivalent to a Starbucks cup of coffee** or a RM20 Shell voucher** when converted into BPoints (via BInfinite) or BonusLink points respectively.

In its first year, Rakuten Trade has achieved numerous milestone firsts including

  • being named FinTech Company of the Year 2018,
  • activating over 12,500 clients of which more than 40% entered the equity broking market for the first time,
  • generating over RM1 Billion in trading value on Bursa Malaysia and
  • successfully launching the country’s first of its kind single platform rewards eco-system with partners AirAsia BIG, B Infinite (part of Berjaya Group) and BonusLink.

Rakuten Trade is the result of a joint venture between Malaysia’s leading independent investment Bank – Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (“Kenanga Group”) and Rakuten Securities, Inc. in Japan; part of Rakuten Group (“Rakuten”), a global innovation leader headquartered in Tokyo. At Rakuten, they believe in empowering society, not just to provide convenience to its customers around the world with innovative services.

For more information on Rakuten Trade or to open an account, please visit www.rakutentrade.my or download iSPEED.my app via Google Play Store or Apps Store.


  About Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (“Rakuten Trade”)

Rakuten Trade (楽天トレード) is the result of a joint venture between Rakuten Securities, Inc. in Japan and Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad in Malaysia. Named FinTech Company of the Year 2018, Rakuten Trade created waves in the investment banking industry on 19 May 2017 when it was officially launched as the country’s first digital equity broker in Malaysia. Their FinTech platform gives investors the opportunity to have a completely online equity broking experience from account opening, live market feeds, execution and settlement of trades, research reports as well as rewards. It makes trading easier and more efficient for investors because it puts them into the driver’s seat to execute their own trading activities and ideas. Rakuten Trade is also the first equity trading broker to launch its own rewards eco system that collaborates with three of the country’s top loyalty partners. Clients receive Rakuten Trade points whenever they engage with Rakuten Trade from opening an account, trading to referring their friends and family. They are also able to leverage on Rakuten Group’s global sponsorship with Spanish football club FC Barcelona starting in the 2017-18 La Liga season through 2020 to earn extra Rakuten Trade Points when the football club wins a match. Earned Rakuten Trade points can be converted into AirAsia BIG, B Infinite and / or BonusLink points. Rakuten Trade currently offers investors two types of accounts – Cash Upfront and Contra Trading – and at a much lower brokerage fee price point. Rakuten Trade holds a restricted Capital Markets Services License (“CMSL”) by the Securities Commission Malaysia to deal in listed securities and provide investment advice.

About Contra Trading

A Contra account is a trading account where the trading limit is based on the amount of cash and/or shares placed in the trust account with Rakuten Trade. It allows clients to trade on a higher trading amount that is determined based on available funds / shares in the Contra Account or pledged portfolio that a client would like to leverage.

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