QUOTE: Ashton Kutcher talks about Heart in Security

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher lends his digital experience and some ‘glamour’ at Intel Security’s FOCUS 16 event in Las Vegas. Many may be aware of his public personality persona, but many more are now becoming acquainted with his ‘tech cred’ as a serial investor, having invested in over 100 startups and businesses via his venture fund, A-Grade Investments.

Kutcher hit the jackpot with Airbnb, Spotify, Uber, Flipboard, SoundCloud,Foursquare and Shazam.

In this world where virtually everything is becoming digitised, including the world of IoT, the backlash is also that now cyber adversaries have more points of entry to attack. Kutcher has this to say, almost cheesily even:

I have a gate, security guards and then another gate and CCTV before I enter into my home. But then, that’s where the security breach can happen as I can’t seem to get my staff to remember to do a two-step verification.

Most likely, direct attacks would fail but if someone has marked you as a target, they are gonna look for vulnerable points. The end points.

So much attention is put on the heart and so little on the fingers… but the fingers have to protect the heart.



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