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Progress Enriches Digital Experience for Global Enterprises with Latest Telerik Sitefinity Release

Progress announced the latest release of Telerik® SitefinityCMS and Digital Experience Cloud (DEC). This newest release improves multi-site synchronization and predictive analytics, provides richer development tools and extends content tracking and personalization to mobile apps. As part of the release, Progress also announced new translation features and a strategic alliance with Lionbridge.

”More than ever before, the global enterprise needs to support all manners of customer engagement–from first time site visitors to repeat buyers,” said Svetozar Georgiev, Senior Vice President, App Dev, Progress. “The latest release of Telerik Sitefinity CMS and DEC further strengthens support for the global enterprise. It enhances the customer experience, ensuring that organizations can create a personalized, seamless experience across languages, sites, mobile apps and geographies.”

Translation Management

With global content proliferating exponentially, the ability to speak with customers in their preferred language is a must for any enterprise. Telerik Sitefinity CMS is equipped with translation management features to simplify and automate the content translation process when working with third-party translation agencies. By providing out-of-the-box integration with translation services, Telerik Sitefinity CMS minimizes the effort of managing multiple translation tasks, improving speed, reducing the risk of errors and providing centralized control of all translation tasks. Telerik Sitefinity CMS automatically integrates with Lionbridge Freeway and Implementers can also easily add translation services of their choice.

In addition, with Telerik Sitefinity CMS, content authors can easily determine which content items to send for translation, and to which languages; review the status of all sent translations; preview all returned translations before publishing; and handle any errors or conflicts prior to publication.

The Asia Pacific region constitutes a large and very diverse market with many different languages. As such, there is a need for a robust translation management process to cater to the wide variety of languages in use. The new features allow enterprises to manage the process efficiently across different languages, enabling them to reach the diverse customer-base in the region.

Improved Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Mobile Personalization and Campaign Support

Marketers require new tools and information to provide more effective programs for their enterprises, whether via web or mobile devices. With Telerik Sitefinity CMS and Digital Experience Cloud, Progress is focused on digital marketing capabilities to enable those marketers. Telerik Sitefinity CMS now offers improvements including:

  • Conversion recommendation ranking based on the estimated likelihood of assumed outcomes
  • Tracking and personalization of mobile apps, based on website behavior and CRM data for efficient real-time marketing.
  • Greater granularity in defining segments, leveraging demographic data such as job title, location and more
  • More tracking control—enables site administrators to easily track visitors across sub-domains, configure tracking for multiple Telerik Sitefinity CMS websites, mobile apps and/or exclude traffic from specific IP addresses
  • Easier integration with Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle Eloqua with improved data merging
  • Enhancements to online marketing campaigns to support large email campaigns, integration capabilities with cloud hosted mail services such as SendGrid and usability improvements

 Cross-Site Content Sync

In a world of multiple online properties managed by multiple administrators, content curators, marketers and more, it is often difficult to schedule and sync projects, operations and tasks simultaneously. With Telerik Sitefinity CMS, administrators can schedule content synching to different sites at set times, with notifications and automatic retries if syncs fail, reducing effort and improving site quality.

The latest Telerik Sitefinity CMS and DEC releases are available today. For more information, please go to

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