Oracle’s cloud focus

Research and development for the last five years for Oracle, amounts to as much as USD37 billion, and spans work across a wide range of Oracle technology portfolios from database to server, to software to cloud to engineered systems or integrated converged stacks, and even networking.

One of the main benefits of running Oracle on Oracle hardware, used to be about a single point of contact for the customer. According to Oracle VP of Product Business Development in APAC, John Foster, “Now, we have true co-engineered effort between hardware and software engineering teams, which bring a significant number of advantages as an integrated stack.”

Foster also said, “This has enabled us to innovate at component level across the entire portfolio of our solutions, to give the best experience possible for Oracle users and the community.”

In summary, Oracle wants to build these components together into a simplified engineered environment to enable customers to solve complex problems, with simple solutions.


There are three main areas of investment for Oracle, but the most significant at the moment is cloud. ‘We have one of the second largest software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud, with over 70 million customers, over 30 billion transactions in a day and over 120,000 virtualised environments across over 19 data centres,” said Foster.

These cloud environments are also managed by Oracle engineering teams which enables instant feedback into development, for continued enhancements to their products in the market.

“Cloud is a journey that start with consolidation and virtualisation. We expect our customers to follow a journey and the database-as-a-service in the private cloud, can have the single biggest impact in an organisation.” Foster explained.

With Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c for example, Oracle customers can move database instances from private cloud to public cloud, all via a single management interface. This capability was made available to the market, only recently according to Foster.

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