OOW 2017: Automation and Artificial Intelligence rule Day One

On Day One of Oracle’s annual technology event, Oracle CTO Larry Ellison, introduced Oracle’s Autonomous Cybersecurity product, acknowledging that the biggest threat in cybersecurity is data theft.

Ellison had said, “Preventing theft is all about securing your data, and wherever you choose to store it.”

While more would be revealed during his second keynote, this coming Tuesday, below are some information gleaned so far.

Central to Oracle’s automatic cybersecurity feature, is their newly introduced Autonomous Database, the Oracle 18c. Ellison had described their security product’s artificial intelligence (AI) as revolutionary, saying that, “For years, AI did not live up to its promise.

“There is a new type of AI now.”

Ellison also shared that while autonomous, there is still some level of manual work required for their security solution. However, the idea ultimately is to be fully autonomous. “We will do everything we can to prevent human intervention,” he explained.

The idea is that machine learning, the underlying technology for Oracle’s new database and cybersecurity product, would be trained on the enormous amount of computer data that Oracle stores – infrastructure logs like network, server, storage, and virtual machines, platform logs like database, Java and analytics, as well as application logs.


(This journalist was a guest of Oracle’s to Oracle Open World 2017 in San Francisco).

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