NetApp Advances Data Analytics Performance for Third Platform Enterprise Applications

“With the significant amount of machine-generated data captured every day, we rely on NetApp E-Series to deploy Splunk for monitoring and troubleshooting the multiple platforms in our environment,” said Roy Shiladitya, head of Information Technology at ING DIRECT Australia. “This high-availability solution gives us the ability to quickly visualize and proactively analyze the data in order to respond to the business and meet SLAs.”

NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) recently announced new software for its NetApp® EF-Series all-flash and E-Series storage arrays that dramatically boost the performance and value of data analytics applications.

New generations of business intelligence applications such as Splunk, Hadoop, and NoSQL are becoming key tools for the data-powered digital enterprise. Customers want greater data visibility and performance from these applications to make the best decisions in a fast-changing business landscape. The newest release of the NetApp SANtricity® storage operating system accelerates time to value for customers, who benefit from an enterprise-proven technology that allows them to:

  • Increase the performance of data analytics applications by more than 50%
  • Simplify their IT infrastructure and reduce costs by more than 33%
  • Improve data reliability, availability, and visibility, attributes that are essential to help enterprises respond faster to competitors and to customer demands.

“Many organizations are now leveraging third platform technologies to drive the digital transformation of their business,” said Ashish Nadkarni, program director, Enterprise Servers and Storage at IDC. “NetApp is boosting the performance of third platform applications, enabling users to thrive in the digital economy.”

Proven Advantage over Commodity Servers for Data-Intensive Workloads

The NetApp EF-Series all-flash arrays and E-Series storage systems powered by SANtricity software accelerate performance for high-IOPS and low-latency applications as well as high-bandwidth and high-throughput applications. This proven platform provides a high level of reliability with automated features, online configuration options, state-of-the-art RAID, and proactive monitoring. The platform also provides NetApp AutoSupport predictive technology, which speeds issue resolution by up to 60 percent and reduces P1 cases by as much as 85 percent. Customers also have access to a mobile support application, premium support options, and professional services to get the most from their NetApp EF-Series and E-Series solutions.

The newest SANtricity release includes innovations optimized for data analytics applications that help customers make sense of the reams of data generated by connected devices and the Internet of Things.  With SANtricity, customers can now:

  • Increase Splunk search performance by up to 69% versus that of commodity servers with internal disks.
  • Experience up to 500% better Hadoop performance during data rebuilds with Dynamic Disk Pools versus the performance of commodity servers with RAID 5.
  • Reconstruct 400GB SSDs in approximately 15 minutes versus approximately 10 hours for NoSQL databases with commodity servers and direct-attached storage.
  • Encrypt data at rest with less than 1% performance impact versus up to 70% impact of commodity servers with internal disk drives.
  • Build one architecture for hot, warm, cold, and frozen tiers instead of different storage architectures for each tier.

In collaboration with Arrow Electronics, NetApp will also offer preconfigured, proven and validated bundled solutions for enterprise Splunk deployments. These integrated reference architectures by Arrow will enable partners to rapidly size and configure systems, close deals faster and deliver a total, validated Splunk solution.

“The ability for our customers to glean meaningful, actionable results from their structured and unstructured data quickly is critical,” said Melissa Fields, Sr. Solutions Architect at ClearShark. “NetApp EF-Series all-flash arrays offer the performance, reliability and scalability needed for customers to consistently initiate time-sensitive actions and make the best decisions for their business.”

“Social and mobile users make real-time buying decisions that strain legacy relational databases running on slow storage,” said Lee Caswell, vice president, Products, Solutions and Services Marketing, NetApp. “Our SANtricity software meets the challenge with high-bandwidth analytics when delivered on disk arrays and low-latency response times when matched with all-flash media. By combining this performance with enterprise reliability and unmatched density, the E-Series and EF-Series arrays make enterprise storage economically superior to even white-box servers for real-time analytics applications.”

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