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NEC’s Netcracker 2020 Puts Service Providers at the Center of the Digital Economy

Netcracker Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, announced the launch of its Netcracker 2020 portfolio to help service providers focus on their customer’s digital lifestyle. With it, service providers can transform customer engagement, dynamically evolve their digital ecosystems and reach new levels of automation and security, helping them to innovate and disrupt in the 5G digital economy.

The new digital portfolio is fully open and standards-compliant, built for the cloud and allows service providers to develop their own enhancements or co-develop functions through a low code platform and blueprint delivery approach. With continuous short releases using Agile/DevOps processes, service providers gain faster access to innovative features with no disruptions to business operations. Central to Netcracker 2020 is an industry-leading security framework, designed to provide the highest level of proven system-wide security and privacy, which is critical in an era of increased cyber-attacks, intrusion and disruption.

In addition, as the world prepares for the uncertainty of a post COVID-19 environment, service providers want to increase the effectiveness of remote consumer and business interactions. With Netcracker 2020, they can radically transform customer engagement by anticipating their needs using AI-driven contextual interactions that go beyond problem-solving and deliver relevant new services that combine service providers’ own services with those from partners and enriched with 5G experiences.

Evolving to a more partner-based digital economy will require the management of complex relationships, interconnections, and business models with new and constantly changing partners, including other service providers. Netcracker 2020 helps build dynamic digital ecosystems that quickly adapt to changing business and market needs. With automated onboarding, simplified lifecycle management, and partner-centric B2B2X opportunities, service providers will become both leaders and enablers of new platform-based monetization opportunities in diverse markets.

As services, networks, and partnerships become more complex, full automation at every level has become a necessity. Netcracker 2020 uses a new operational model to remove manual tasks and drive hyper-automation across network domains, services that cross domains, business processes and channels that are quickly moving towards open 5G networks with cloud-native functions and highly demanding edge cloud applications.

Netcracker 2020 digital applications are cloud-native and designed to run in a multi-cloud environment, delivering the same high performance and resiliency on public clouds as on-premise cloud platforms. This also includes a security architecture and trust center that has become the industry benchmark.