MYINDUSTRIES 2019, a Solutions-Providing Platform for IR 4.0 ecosystem

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad launched Segi University’s first international conference and exhibition on Industry 4.0,this afternoon.

The 3-day conference which is branded as MYINDUSTRIES 2019, would have over 100 breakout sessions, panel session talks, as well as academic and research tracks.


 During his keynote, Tun M pointed out that new technologies can be disruptive and will change the way things are usually done.

“But they also offer new challenges as well as immeasurable opportunities if we are capable of embracing them,” he described, adding that given the accelerated speed these new technologies are evolving, Malaysia has no choice but to be aggressive in adopting Industry 4.0 or IR 4.0.

“Our national policy for IR 4.0, launched a year ago is Malaysia’s response to IR.4.0 and beyond.”


The national IR 4.0 policy, is not without anticipation and hope to drive Malaysia as the Southeast Asia hub for Industry 4.0. Tun M also saw it as an opportunity for Malaysia to regain its status as an Asian Tiger.

He even identified Malaysia’s 40 years heritage in manufacturing, as one of the nation’s strengths to make the nation’s IR 4.0 ambitions, a reality

“We have a good business ecosystem, supply chain, access to the global market and talented multi-racial and multi-cultural community.

“We have good opportunity to progress further as we have major businesses in all segments of industry to lead this transformation.”

On that note, a “single, directed emphasis is needed to rejuvenate IR 4.0.”


He also identified areas that needed improvements, observing that Malaysian businesses need to transition from being too operations-oriented, and conservative with diversification and product development.

Instead, they need to be seriously investing much more in research and development, so as to increase product and service development, (use of) business processes and integrated technologies.

He observed that businesses needed to change from being technology traders and technology users to becoming technology creators.

Malaysia’s IR 4.0 focus and this new mentality that follows as a result, could be the impetus Malaysia needs to start to create technologies that are localised and suitable for Malaysian businesses’ use.

Talent and skills 

Research and development capabilities was one area that universities need to develop so as to be able to solve real industry problems, increase productivity and increase return on investments (ROI).

Tun M also highlighted the need to transform Malaysia’s human capital; both the  existing workforce and students; with new skills, innovative thinking and multi-disciplinary knowledge.

“It is important for private firms to invest in re-skilling and up-skilling of their employees; and new entrants; into the labour force.

This is in tandem with the policy’s objective to increase the ratio of high skilled workers from 18% to 35% by the year 2020.

“The Malaysian education system is currently being aligned to the economic needs of the nation. The focus of teaching industrial skills ought to be skewed towards innovative knowledge,” he said.

He commended the conference’s organisers for structuring the event as a solutions-providing platform to enable industries and professionals to exchange ideas on challenges, success stories and IR 4.o implementation strategies.

He also said that the information gathered during the 3-day conference needs to be analysed, studied, and a feedback system needs to be in place for all stakeholders, for appropriate continuity and progress towards Industry 4.0.

Listen to his keynote speech at video below.

(Editor’s note: This video has been added for readers to listen to audio of Tun M’s speech)