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Motorola Solutions Reveals New Brand Identity

Motorola Solutions, a company that has operated in Malaysia for more than 50 years, has today revealed a new public identity that highlights the company’s ongoing transformation and sharpened focus on safety and security. 

The U.S. based firm which trades on the New York Stock exchange celebrated by ringing the opening bell there today and announcing its new public identity, ‘Solving for safer,’.

Given the company’s different technologies and focus areas over the past nine decades, the name Motorola likely means different things to different people. 

But since 2015, the company has had a laser focus on developing technologies that enhance safety, security and productivity for critical industries.

Traditionally known for public safety communications, Motorola Solutions has invested about USD $12B in organic R&D and acquisitions over the past nine years to create a comprehensive technology portfolio that spans mission-critical communications, video security & access control and command center solutions powered by artificial intelligence. 

“From our storied history, today we bridge to an even stronger future. Everyone is entitled to feel safe in their community, school and workplace, but that often isn’t the reality,” said Greg Brown, chairman and CEO of Motorola Solutions. “How Motorola Solutions is helping keep people, property and places safe is far more comprehensive than ever. While we recognize technology is not the only way to a safer future, it does play a vital role, and it’s our purpose to make that technology the best it can be.”

Rajat Gupta, Regional VP of Motorola Solutions in Asia, Middle East, Africa (AMEA) said, “The key thing for me and my team is to deliver what our customers need and want. We have solutions that meet their requirements and we can support their growth with new video and software technologies. The Asia, Middle East, and Aftrica region (AMEA) has a great need for these solutions in sectors like railways, airports and emergency services. We have made the right acquisitions to deliver these capabilities and we know we can help them to work more safely and productively every day.”

Malaysian Innovation Continues to Thrive 

Here in Malaysia the company celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, marking its evolution from a small semiconductor operation in 1972 to becoming a leading provider of mission-critical technologies which the public safety and enterprise security sectors depend on every day.

Motorola Solutions provides technologies to meet the needs of public safety agencies in Malaysia and throughout the Asia Pacific region

Public safety agencies including Royal Malaysia Police and transportation services including MRT Corporation use a combination of Motorola’s technologies to enable different capabilities including faster emergency response and to establish greater awareness during major incidents. Meanwhile, the company’s Penang R&D operations develop public safety and enterprise security technologies that are used all over the world.

Growing need for safety tech

Motorola Solutions’ transformation focusing on public safety and enterprise security has led to a sizable increase in its total addressable market which is expected to be $66 billion next year. In addition, its growth in video security, access control, command center and services is significant and now accounts for approximately 50% of company revenue.  The company shares more about its safety and security ecosystem here: