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Motorola Solutions 50th anniversary event

Motorola Solutions celebrated its 50th anniversary in Malaysia, with an eventful day of information sharing with the media, that culminated in a grand gala dinner in the evening.

Public safety and also enterprise organisations like the Royal Malaysia Police and MRT Corporation, use a combination of Motorola Solutions’ solution to enable a number of capabilities like faster emergency response, establishing greater incident awareness, and even preventing transmission of COVID-10 while keeping daily operations running safely and reliably.

The media roundtable panellists comprising Subodh Vardhan, VP of Motorola Solutions in SEA, Phyllis Lin, APAC Channel Leader at Motorola Solutions, Jaffri Ibrahim from CREST, and Solomon Lorthu, VP and Head of R&D operations, Motorola Solutions Malaysia.

Solomon Lorthu, vice president of Motorola Solutions’ Penang operations said contributions from diverse and inclusive teams in Malaysia bring different perspectives that unlock industry-leading innovations.

Building the STEM talent pipeline for future innovation

Of significance is the collaboration Motorola Solutions had with CREST (Collaborative Research Engineering, Science, and Technology) to come up with noise-cancelling technology. This technology is now incorporated into Motorola Solution products, according to Subodh Vardhan, VP of Motorola Solutions in SEA.

Subodh Vardhan

He shared, “We are not a visible brand, but we are very active behind the scenes.”

“With Motorola, since the very beginning we have collaborated on 11 projects, ” said Jaffri Ibrahim, CEO of CREST, an industry-led non-profit organisation that collaborates on research and development of products by local companies that can be commercialised.

CREST also works to develop new talent in STEM areas that are relevant to the industry, and in ten years since it was established it has impacted some 8800 university students and over 4000 high school students.

“Motorola has been a very key collaborator, organising trips to their manufacturing plants to show how engineers work, and having secondments of engineers to inject real-world problems into classrooms,” Jaffri said.

Motorola works with seven universities in Malaysia on STEM projects.

The company also sits on the industry advisory panel for engineering faculties for a number of universities in Malaysia. It holds high-level, committee level roles in several semiconductor industry initiatives like PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre), PSC, CREST, and more.

“We would not be able to achieve this without partnership with Motorola Solutions,” Dato’ Ooi Peng Ee, CEO of Penang Science Cluster said.

Penang Science Cluster (PSC) is another institution initiated by the state government to build a pipeline of talent by sparking interest in STEM via activities like coding, robotics, 3D printing, embedded systems, and more to try steer the younger generation towards engineering careers.

Dato’ Ooi Peng Ee

In 2019, PSC benefited 133,000 students in Penang, and worked with Motorola Solutions to create over 100 maker spaces in Penang schools. In contrast, there are only 20 maker spaces in schools in the rest of Malaysia.

“We would not be able to achieve this without partnership with Motorola Solutions,” Dato’ Ooi Peng Ee, CEO of Penang Science Cluster said.

In the span of five decades in Malaysia, Motorola Solutions has established long-term collaborations with government agencies, non-profit organisations, research, skills, and academic organisations on other initiatives such as:

  • developing software skills in embedded systems
  • participating in research projects and also contributing resources and equipment
  • chairing the vaccination committee responsible for driving the COVID-19 vaccination framework for the semiconductor industry

The strong connections that Motorola Solutions has forged over the years with academia and skills and research institutions were evident from the number of ecosystem players that attended the media event roundtable and the dinner later.

Immersive tech showcase

Today, Motorola Solutions Malaysia has become one of the largest fully integrated sites for the company worldwide, and is responsible for conceptualising, designing, developing, and launching leading-edge mission-critical communications technology that make its presence felt among first responders, globally.

(Tech showcase of Motorola Solutions’ innovations from left to right: 2 units of the WAVE TLK 100 Two-Way Radio, 4 units of Android embedded devices, namely the LEX L11 and Nitro EVOLVE LTE handset, and the screen of a web-based dispatch console that command and control centres would use)