MIMOS and Singularity Ventures collaborate to build global E&E player

Malaysia’s national research and development agency, MIMOS, and technology investment company Singularity Ventures Sdn Bhd (SVSB) have entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement to undertake collaborative research and development aimed at establishing the first Malaysian-owned integrated device manufacturer (IDM) in power management devices.

Drawing upon strategic expertise from both parties, the Strategic Alliance is set to be a new global player in power management devices, at the same time will significantly contribute to the growth of local Electrical and Electronics (E&E) industry.  The venture is expected to contribute more than RM100 mln in E&E Gross National Income by 2020.

Aimed at accelerating Malaysian-based companies to penetrate the E&E global supply chain, the Strategic Alliance will bring forth the power of world-class nanotechnology and global marketing expertise that will raise the Malaysian E&E industry to the next level and ultimately benefit industry and society as a whole.

The Strategic Alliance will be leveraging MIMOS’ high-end facilities and talented researchers and engineers, with SVSB’s technology investment and marketing expertise as a vehicle for realising its commercialisation goals.

Under the terms of the Strategic Alliance Agreement, MIMOS will provide its comprehensive expertise, resources and shared-services facilities in the areas of Graphene, Nanotechnology, Microelectronics and wafer fabrication; including ecosystem support facilities such as advanced analytical services, product level reliability services, 3D printing and rapid prototyping as well as photonic research.

The advanced shared-service facilities are internationally certified with ISO9001:2008 and ISO/IEC17025; and certified with NanoVerify® in Malaysia.

SVSB will provide its strong market and technical expertise in the areas of power management and communication products. The company, which has a broad portfolio of profitable technology investments, will impart essential global market insights towards defining new product requirements, related processes and market procedures.

Both parties are confident that the respective high expertise harnessed through this Strategic Alliance will lead to powerful outcomes that will strengthen the local E&E industry ecosystem.

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