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MDEC leverages OutSystems to Increase Operational Efficiency

OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance application development, has partnered with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia’s lead digital economy agency, to consolidate its numerous applications hosted on the Malaysia Digital and SayaDigital platforms. Replacing MDEC’s legacy system with a more modernized platform, users are now able to easily navigate and register for the different programs hosted by MDEC on a centralized database, eliminating the need for multiple data entries.

Equipped with technical expertise, OutSystems provided full support to MDEC’s internal development team in setting up and establishing their system architecture, by offering online training and certifications to the team.  This allowed MDEC to focus more on business requirements rather than on technical operations so that they can serve their business units in a more organized and effective manner.

“While MDEC is a digital by default agency, we remain cognizant of the need to ensure we future-proof our systems to deliver the best user experience. This is especially important as we embark on a new chapter in our evolution with the introduction of Malaysia Digital (MD), a national strategic initiative. As Malaysia’s lead digital economy agency, we will continue to catalyze and spur the digital ecosystem and forming effective partnerships with global technology companies such as OutSystems will be key and we look forward to having more in the future,” said Ts. Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of MDEC.

Adopting a high-performance low-code development platform enabled MDEC to develop applications quicker, saving more than half the time compared to when using normal development methods. In fact, the shortest time taken to develop the Grant Approval Committee application was in seven days, which would originally have taken 100 days. Meanwhile, applications developed under SayaDigital and Malaysia Digital took less than one month and four months respectively.

With the help of OutSystems to transform applications, MDEC was also able to consolidate more than 50% of targeted applications, reducing the 50% risk of applications getting obsolete in the near future. Besides that, there is only a one-time cost incurred instead of having to pay for every new application developed which significantly aids cost reduction.

“We provide innovation and agility to help businesses meet emerging customer needs for speed and convenience. As the region’s leading high-performance low-code platform, we are glad to streamline processes and support the needs of MDEC through our technology, and ultimately enable seamless user experiences for their applications and products,” said Mark Weaser, Vice President for Asia Pacific, OutSystems.