MCMC to Foster Closer Cooperation with State Governments

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission hopes to foster closer co-operation with all state governments in the country in its efforts to facilitate the development of digital infrastructure in support of the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP).

MCMC Chairman, Al-Ishsal Ishak said, “close co-operation is necessary to ensure effective implementation of initiatives under the NFCP, including to increase connectivity, so that the rakyat will be able to enjoy better broadband coverage and quality.”

Among NFCP targets include availability of broadband with the average speed of 30Mbps in 98% of populated areas and Gigabit availability in all state capitals by 2023. Both these targets can only be achieved through close co-operation between MCMC, the industry and state governments.

“Fixed broadband subscription rates are still low compared to mobile broadband, and in this regard, the government with the co-operation of state governments hopes to catalyse the development of digital infrastructure that can support the availability of high speed broadband in the whole country,” added Al-Ishsal.

”Within this context, the Government through MCMC and the industry is committed to giving its full support to state governments in developing an inclusive digital infrastructure at an efficient cost, as well as sharing industry best practices.”