McAfee: Companies Experience Business Acceleration From Use of Cloud Service

McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, today released a special edition of its Cloud and Risk Adoption Report, focused on the business impact of cloud services and how organizations around the world are addressing security gaps to accelerate their businesses with the cloud. 

The results demonstrate that a wide range of organizations accelerate their business from the use of cloud services. However, there is a striking divide between organizations who have addressed their shared responsibility for protecting data in the cloud, and those who have not – organizations within the APAC region were over 29 percent more likely to launch new products, speed time to market, and expand to new markets with the cloud when proactively addressing security of their data in the cloud through the use of a CASB.

“This research shines a light on organizations who are leading the charge in cloud adoption,prioritizing the security  of their data as they roll out new cloud services and winning in the market because of the actions they are taking,”  said Craig Nielsen, Vice President, APAC, McAfee. “Organizations often tell us how much faster their business moves when security is addressed in the cloud and it is exciting for us now to quantify this experience and share our data and recommendations with the rest of the market.”

Organizations who want to learn how they can protect enterprise data wherever it resides can tune in MVISION’s Briefing titled, “Cloud Security: New Risks, New Rules.” Attendees will have the chance to hear directly from McAfee partners and customers on how they have successfully put a strategy into action to make cloud the most secure environment for their business. There will also be a replay available for those unable to attend the live session